Let’s know more about Method To Hate You!

Cover - Let’s know more about Method To Hate You!

Let’s know more about Method To Hate You! I believe you guys will be surprised and excited when knowing that! Get ready with us!

Here is yet another drama of 2019 to be supported by a well-liked webtoon!

The English title of this short drama is yet to be fixed. It may be translated in various ways “Method to Hate You”, “Way To Dislike You” or “How I do not Like You” (original title 너를 싫어하는 방법). it’s a school-campus romance.

The casting of this short drama is already making fans interested in the drama! NCT’s JaeMin was picked because of the lead actor! JaeMin previous made a cameo in the web drama “A-Teen” (2018) and his appearance received plenty of interest in the past.

The rest of the casting is new faces! Kim JeeIn previously acted within the web drama “Just a Bite”, Lee JongWon acted in the Lee JongWon

Information about Method To Hate You

Title: Method to Hate You/Way To Dislike You/How I Don’t Like You/너를 싫어하는 방법

Director: Oh KwanJin

Writer: Jung SooHyun, Yoo SoWon

Network: JTBC4

Runtime: April 1st & 2nd

# of Episodes: 2 episodes

Language: Korean

Summary Method To Hate You

It is a school campus romance with freshmen’s love and friendships. It tells the story of MiRi who is worrying between love and friendship as she began to like her best friend’s boyfriend.

Cast of Method To Hate You

Pic 1 - Let’s know more about Method To Hate You!

NCT’s JaeMin as Han DaeGang

He is a freshman in the Department of Animation and Manga, 20 years old.

He likes manga and is nice at video games. On the skin he looks mean and indifferent, however, he’s a tsundere who truly cares about people. he’s a handsome boy with a soft voice and deep eyes with plenty of charms.

He gets closer to MiRi as they get to try to do a bunch project together. As he gets to grasp her, he finds out her cuteness. this can be when he notices that MiRi is trying to find the guy named Go EunThae. he’s not the kind to worry about others, but since they get to try to do a gaggle project together which he already began to analyze, he decides to integrate MiRi’s life.

As the story of a cliche manga story, while he helps her, he falls smitten. He doesn’t want to love a lady that likes another guy. But his heart doesn’t listen, he’s having a one-sided love for her. He decides to do the recommendation he had given her, ‘try to hate that person to delete your love’, that failed too.

He cannot push himself to hate her or stop loving her, he decides that his only solution is to create her fall gaga with him.

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Kim JeeIn as Oh MiRi

She may be a freshman in the Department of Animation and Manga, 20 years old.

She is silent and is careful so as to be considerate. At first, people think she is introverted but actually, she likes people quite anyone else. Her friend DaSom often says that somebody has to meet her 3 times to be able to fall for her charms.

DaSom is her close friend since high school which was her only friend. She didn’t want to be break-free, so she studied very hard to be able to enter an identical university. Her goal is so far a cool guy and to possess an appointment with DaSom.

However, something unpredicted happens. She starts to fall infatuated with DaSom’s boyfriend, Go EunThae. She starts to lose friendship and love.

In order to prevent her one-sided love, she starts to understand what’s real love and what she wants as she studies with DaeGang, a student from the identical department.

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Lee JongWon as Go EunThae

He is a student of the Department of Design, 20 years old.

He met DaSom on his trip to Spain, before entering university. He fell for her there and that they began to date. He left her in Europe due to the beginning of sophistication.

They keep their long-distance relationship while she is traveling. He has no intention to interrupt up. He doesn’t miss her an excessive amount but still misses her.

However, he gets to satisfy MiRi at the eating place located at the rear gate of the campus. this is often when things got complex and also the four of them bog down in an exceedingly complex relationship.

He realizes MiRi’s feelings for him too late and finds out her effort to prevent loving him.

Pic 4 - Let’s know more about Method To Hate You!

Kim YooJin as Lee DaSom

She could be a student of the Department of Design, 20 years old.

She is MiRi’s close friend since high school and is that the girlfriend of EunThae.

She had decided to require a leave of absence from school as soon as she got accepted. For one year, she prepared herself for the globe trip. But it had been not as she expected and missed Korea during her trip to Europe. She decided to come back back.

When DaSom finds out that MiRi likes her boyfriend, she is sadder at the actual fact that MiRi keeps this secret from her, over being terrified of losing her boyfriend.

The biggest challenge in the world is to safeguard love and friendship. DaSom’s charm is her frankness and sincerity.

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