Let’s know more about Lee Sang Yoon’s girlfriend!

Cover - Let's know more about Lee Sang Yoon's girlfriend!

Let’s know more about Lee Sang Yoon’s girlfriend! I believe you guys will be surprised when knowing that! Get ready to discover!

The Story of Lee Sang-yoon and UEE’s Relationship

Actor Lee Sang-yoon and singer-actress UEE are accustomed be a pair. They were seen walking arm in arm in December 2015, on the red carpet at the Mnet Mnet Asian Music Awards, when the dating rumor hadn’t yet surfaced online. The couple enjoyed dates like a normal couple and supported each other’s work. Many celebrities envied them and called them the ‘long-legged couple’. However, their romance came to an end a year later.

Let’s understand more about Lee Sang-yoon and UEE story.

Lee Sang-yoon and UEE’s Dating News

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Lee Sang-yoon and UEE’s dating news started surfacing in May 2016. From the report, the couple developed their relationship after they met through the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards. Lee Sang-yoon seemed fascinated by UEE, and that they began to meet at gatherings.

After the dating news was confirmed by both parties, Lee Sang-yoon shared a soulful letter to his fans on his Fan Cafe.

“I know you already saw through articles, but I’m dating actress UEE. I made a decision to start out seeing her because she is such an excellent person. I do know some people are worried about general public relations but as important as my life as a public acting figure is, my personal life as Lee Sang Yoon is additionally important to me. I failed to want to cover dating an individual I loved. Please understand.

I know it should be selfish, but I would like support from my fans over anyone else. Please understand and support us.“

Meanwhile, Allkpop once reported that Lee Sang-yoon revealed his relationship status during a disciple meeting in Osaka, Japan, on January 11, 2015. He admitted it after some fans asked him about it.

Their Break-Up

Pic 3 - Let's know more about Lee Sang Yoon's girlfriend!Lee Sang-yoon and UEE were reported to possess shifting on January 24, 2017. Lee Sang-yoon side didn’t share the explanation for the breakup, but unlike Lee Sang-yoon, UEE gave a press release about the rationale behind the break-up through her agency, Pledis Entertainment, at the time the break was confirmed. A representative from Pledis shared the couple had grown apart thanks to busy schedules and decided to stay nearly as good friends and keep cheering one another.

What’s Been Happening Since Their Break Up?

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After the news about Lee Sang-yoon and UEE’s break-up began to spread, netizens started judging Lee Sang-yoon’s character, labeling him an egotistical man and ‘player’. There are some rumors that Lee Sang-yoon badmouthed his ex-girlfriend off-camera, after his break-up with Nam Sang-mi, previously.

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