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Let’s know more about Jannabi! I believe you guys will be surprised when knowing that! Get ready to discover with Xenews!

While K-pop continues to enjoy its high-profile status, an indie band with acoustic charm is taking the charts by storm

A band with a rather peculiar name joined the ranks of BTS and Blackpink on streaming charts last week — Jannabi, an old-fashioned Korean word for “monkey.”

Consisting of 5 members who all grew up within the same town and were born the identical year, the band is headed by 27-year-old vocalist Choi Jung-hoon, a “Superstar K” reject gone vocalizer who sports an enthralling mane of long, wavy black hair.

“Though charts aren’t everything, I’m happier than ever because I desire I’ve done our fans proud,” the band wrote on Instagram last week after topping Melon’s daily singles chart. “Rock will never die!”

Having officially debuted in 2014, the band was propelled to stardom with its latest single, For Lovers Who Hesitate,” which got as high because of the No. 2 spot on multiple weekly charts last week. The success of the band’s new album, “Legend,” also saw old songs like “Did You Ever Love Me?” climb as high as No. 2.

Putting things in context, Jannabi had to compete with the likes of BTS — the superstars released a brand new album just the week before — moreover as other K-pop heavyweights Blackpink and Taeyeon.

What makes this long-awaited breakout all the more interesting is that the band’s retro aesthetics in a very South Korean music industry dominated by pop tunes and idol groups. and also the band’s penchant for past decades is not any secret.

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“It’s really funny that we’ve always been smitten with everything from the 1960s and ’70s, times we haven’t even lived in. we will just feel the time’s vibes, fashion, music and lifestyle,” Choi said during a 2017 interview with Kpop Herald.

On YouTube, the ’80s-themed video for the band’s new single has been showered with praise — commentators appreciate the hassle to recreate the sentimental atmosphere, paying homage to a time that several of them never have to be compelled to experience.

“Their songs sound as if a dad in his 50s has time-traveled together with his sentiment 30 years ago and sings to his wife within the presence,” one user wrote. Another said the song was made for drinking a can of beer on a bench.

That reaction is also exactly what Jannabi intended, having once described its Beatles-inspired music because of the “sound that comes from your parents’ car.”

While the band is that the country’s new radio darling, and is enjoyed by millions, the video didn’t kill this radio star.

Radio stars thriving on TV

Earlier this month, the band’s fashionable front-runner — Choi, known for his retro-hipster look complete with wide trousers and bold prints — went on the popular MBC TV show “I Live Alone” and showed viewers a more down-to-earth side.

In one scene he was at the laundromat. In another, he made a rather complicated order for pizza. He also surprised viewers together with his flip phone.

The past two years had been a daily “war” for the band, Choi said on the show, who described his bandmates “relentlessly running” before holding their first concert and releasing their second album.

Pic 2 - Let's know more about Jannabi!The artists’ diligence seems to own quite paid off because the band, which wont to perform ahead of just lots of people, recently finished a sold-out nationwide tour.

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