Let’s know more about Be My Boyfriend!

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Let’s know more about Be My Boyfriend! I believe you guys will be surprised and excited when knowing that! Get ready with us!

After the success of “Best Mistake” season 1 and a couple of, it’s time for the spin-off “Be My Boyfriend”.

The rookie actors Lee SiWoo (Sisyphus: The Myth), Shin HyunSeung, Cherry Bullet’s YuJu, Im SungKyun, A.C.E’s Kim ByeongKwan (“Age of Youth 2” and “Zombie Detective” as a guest), and Jung BoMin (“Triple Fling”, “Freshman”) are the lead actors. they’re all rookies debuting in acting with almost no previous experience.

The drama is produced by WHYNOT media who previously worked on “Kiss Goblin”, “Single & able to Mingle”, “One Fine Week”, etc. take a look at the links at the tip of the article to observe the episodes with English subtitles.

The drama is going to be available every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 PM KST on KOKTV YouTube and V-Live. it’ll be released on Feb. 25 on NaverTV and V-Live and so from Mar. 2 on YouTube.


Title: Be My Boyfriend / From Today, Dating Contract / Oneulbuteo gyeyagyeonae / 오늘부터 계약연애

Director: Lee ShiYoung

Writer: Han SongYi

Network: WHYNOT Media on KOKTV

Runtime: From Feb. 25 on V-Live, From Mar. 2 on YouTube

# of Episodes: 15

Genre: Teen romance

Language: Korean


Lee SeungMin could be a common boy with no presence and he features a crush on the foremost popular girl in class Oh JiNa. in the future she suddenly suggests starting a contract relationship with him. Can SeungMin and JiNa safely end their contractual relationship and begin a true relationship?


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Lee SiWoo as Oh JiNa

JiNa may be a promising idol trainee from a famous agency. She looks cold and difficult to speak to on the surface but she is simple and easy-going. She also has friendly charms. She is envied by all the women at college.

Pic 2 - Let’s know more about Be My Boyfriend!

Shin HyunSeung as Lee SeungMin

SeungMin is within the first year in school. he’s doing ok at study, sport, and friendship. he’s considerate and sincere in everything he does. due to this, he gained the trust and like of his classmates.

Pic 3 - Let’s know more about Be My Boyfriend!

Cherry Bullet’s YuJu as Sung HanNa

HanNa is an element of the school’s popular trio with JiNa and MinJi. She features a showy and arrogant personality and he or she is difficult to approach. However, she includes a sagaciousness of fashion and likes fashion trends which gets her the envy of other students.

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Im SungKyun as Ku HyungTak

HyungTak could be a player genius since grammar school. along with his good grades and good relationships, he monopolizes the love of scholars and teachers.

Pic 5 - Let’s know more about Be My Boyfriend!

A.C.E’s Kim ByeongKwan as Oh BaWool

BaWool is within the same class as SeungMin and he shares everything with him. He likes to enjoy life. He knows everyone and everything happening in school.

Pic 6 - Let’s know more about Be My Boyfriend!

Jung BoMin as Ju MinJi

MinJi is an element of the popular trio of the college with JiNa and HanNa. She is Paris Hilton at the varsity. She incorporates a cheerful personality loved by many. When JiNa and HanNa fight, she is that the one acting as a mediator.

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