Let’s know more about Any Song Zico!

Cover - Let's know more about Any Song Zico!

Let’s know more about Any Song Zico! I believe you guys will be surprised and excited when knowing that! Get ready to discover with Xenews!

Find Out Everything About Zico’s Any Song And Its Viral Challenge

Zico may be a South Korean rapper, music producer, singer-songwriter, and therefore the leader of Block B. he’s well-known among Korean artists and global musicians for his musical talent. So far, he has released three solo albums with relative success. In early January, he released a song called Any Song that did okay on music charts, digital download sites, and video sharing platforms.

Zico’s Any Song became a rapid viral sensation after he uploaded an unusual short video of Any Song in Tik Tok and asked Korean celebrities to bounce together with him. The short video went viral because of its fun and quirky choreography and because of the recognition of the platform.

In this article, Xenews will speak about everything you would like to understand about the Tik Tok sensation, Any Song created by Zico. So stay tuned!

About Any Song

Block B’s Zico released his viral single Any Song together with a music video on January 13, 2020. the only became an “all-kill,” and topped all the Korean digital music charts. Any Song debuted at No. 4 on Billboards World Digital Song chart, and swiftly became a sensation. Zico was able to make a song combining catchy piano tunes, rap, and K-pop.

Any Song is fun, easy listening, catchy, gives off an honest vibe, and is addictive to listen to. On the primary week of its release, Any Song was streamed 1.2 million times, and on the second week, it absolutely was streamed 2.4 million times. Within a moment, Any Song became Zico’s most-streamed song and gathered more streams than the full of all his previous songs.

Any Song’s music video showed Zico and his friends spending time partying and enjoying an evening with close friends. The party revolved around him, but he was in no mood whatsoever to be at a celebration.

Any Song Challenge

Cover - Let's know more about Any Song Zico!

The success of his song must be attributed to the viral dance challenge on the short video sharing platform, Tik Tok. He made #AnySongChallenge popular, and made Korean celebrities start dancing together with him. He choreographed the opening verse of Any Song and posted it on Tik Tok. The primary Korean celebrity to affix his challenge was MAMAMOO’s Hwasa. His second collaboration with Chungha gained more views on his Tik Tok account.

After starting the challenge on Tik Tok, the dance also became viral on Instagram. Asia’s biggest singers and actors followed suit and accepted Zico’s challenge. Tiffany Young, Sandara Park, Lan YIngying, AB6IX, and plenty of more celebrities posted #AnySongChallenge on their Instagram accounts.

Zico doing the Any Song Challenge with Chungha


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Chungha was the second celebrity that collaborated with Zico on the #AnySongChallenge. By the top of March 2020, the post gathered 8.7 million views. It became the most-watched #AnySongChallenge with Zico and other celebrities. Chungha danced along alright, and she or he perfectly matched Zico’s dance moves and intensity.

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