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Here are soloists IU’s close friends from K-Entertainment Industry! Some people will make you feel interesting and surprising!

An incredibly talented Korean singer-songwriter and actress, IU is taken into account by the Queen of Korean Music Chart. IU was born May 16, 1993, in Songjeong, Seoul. Her native name is Lee Ji Eun.

IU began her career within the show business at the age of 15. She found a passion for singing after getting appreciation for her performance in an exceeding school competition. Although failed countless times during auditions, she finally got accepted as a trainee. Her agency coined her anonym, “IU”, which stands for I and You.

Even at a young age, she already established herself because of the star of the Korean music industry. In over a decade of getting her career in music and acting, she developed friendships with several other famous Korean celebrities. Learn her close friends are within the article below!

Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain

IU and Gain from the Brown Eyed Girls have collaborated on several music projects. They participated in teasers promoting each other’s albums. Gain appeared in an exceedingly teaser for her duet in IU’s song, Everyone Has Secrets, which was released in March 2014.

In February 2014, Gain invited IU and other friends to feature during a teaser for a song titled Truth or Dare. within the teaser, they speak about Gain’s character, rumors, and other personal things. Gain is notoriously famous for her strong older sister image, and IU joked she can’t talk behind Gain Unnie’s back. she will only speak about Gain ahead of her. within the Everyone Has Secrets music video, IU jokingly confessed that Gain asked her to decorate up sort of a man so Gain could wear provocative clothes and seduce IU.

Singer/Songwriter SHINee’s Jonghyun

IU and SHINee’s Jonghyun debuted within the same year. Jonghyun composed a song titled Gloomy Clock for IU’s third album, “Modern Times”. IU fell soft on with the song and begged Jonghyun to allow the song to her. The album “Modern Times” received positive reviews and debuted at most wanted on album charts.

In 2015, Jonghyun invited IU to perform at his solo concert “The Story by Jonghyun”. They sang Gloomy Clock together at the concert. The singers were known to be close friends.

At her 10th anniversary concert in Singapore, IU paid a tribute to the late SHINee member Jonghyun. She sang Gloomy Clock with Jonghyun’s voice as an original backing vocal. The song initially wasn’t on the setlist, but she prepared it to honor the one-year anniversary of his death.

Through her speech at the recent award ceremony, she recalled Jonghyun as a colleague who shared similar dreams, worries, and problems. They also had similar career development within showbiz.

Comedian/DJ Park Myungsoo

IU was invited to form a guest appearance on MBC’s popular show Infinite Challenge. within the music festival segment, each regular member of the show was challenged to provide a song with a partner artist. IU was paired with Park Myung Soo to perform for the Infinite Challenge music festival. They formed a gaggle called God-G and released a song titled Leon. Their song and concert performance was inspired by the film Leon: The Professional. The song went on to top all the Korean music charts for 2 days straight in August 2015.

Following the success of their duet performance, Park Myung Soo invited IU to collaborate with him multiple times. He even prepared a song for her as a female featuring artist. IU promised that within the future she would collaborate with Park Myung Soo. Every Thanksgiving holiday, IU sends holiday gifts to many Korean artists, and Park Myung Soo is one of the lucky people.

Actress Yoo In Na

Yoo In Na and IU met on the set of SBS’s Heroes in 2010. An 11-year age difference didn’t stop IU and Yoo In Na from being close friends. Yoo In Na said that they need similar characters, dotty the surface but strong on the within. Yoo In Na said IU was more mature and he or she relied on IU lots for advice.

IU and Yoo In Na said they recently learned to play a traditional Korean game called “Go Stop”. It’s IU’s favorite game and she or he wants to play more often than Yo In Na. once they met, IU and Yoo In Na rarely talked about guys. Yoo In Na said that IU perceived to enjoy working and living her life happily. She considered IU as her sister, relief, and favorite singer.

IU mentioned Yoo In Na during her speech for “Best Album of the Year” at the 2017 Melon Music Awards. She said although Yoo In Na wasn’t related by blood, she was her supporter and her beloved fan. IU also thanked Yoo In Na for always supporting her.

Yoo In Na attended IU’s concert, “24 Steps: One, Two, Three, Four”. IU noticed her during the performance and announced Yoo In Na’s presence to the audience. The actress waved at IU and appeared touched by IU’s attention. They promised to satisfy weekly despite their busy schedules.

Recently, on February 13, 2019, IU showed her support to Yoo In Na on the set of her current drama, Touch Your Heart. IU sent various main dishes, side dishes, and fruits to the drama staff. She also sent a coffee truck to the set and wished good luck to any or all the actors and staff members.

Actress/Singer Suzy

On an episode of MBC’s Weekly Idol hosted by Jung Hyung Don and Defcon, IU told the hosts about her close friendship with the gorgeous actress Suzy. Although a year younger than IU, Suzy is taken into account in a concert with her best friends. She said that Suzy is sort of a magnet to her and that they attract and follow one another as magnet polar opposites. Even during their busy schedule, they always had time to text one another.

Their close friendship started at the tip of their drama Dream High, where they played the roles of high school friends. because of her shy character, IU had a tough time reprehension of new people. IU wanted to be near Suzy during filming, but she didn’t have the courage until they were nearly finished shooting the drama. She kept using honorifics when talking with Suzy while Suzy asked her to drop the honorifics. At first, they’re not fascinated by one another.

IU usually visited Suzy’s dormitory if that they had time to fulfill. They visited to play in an exceedingly nearby playground. IU called a taxi for them and asked the driving force to travel directly without mentioning a destination.

IU admired Suzy’s beauty and has even called Suzy the prettiest out of all Korean singers. If possible, IU wanted to change state with a face and body like Suzy’s. Coincidentally, they both have birthmarks at identical positions on the underside of their paw.

T-ara Member/Soloist Jiyeon

IU and Ji Yeon of T-ara have had an in-depth friendship since a young age. They both appeared on the variability show Heroes in 2011. However, since the T-ara bullying scandal was exposed publically and T-ara was boycotted, the ladies couldn’t be seen together and weren’t as close as once were. IU received criticism for relinquishing an in-depth friend who’s having a difficult period.

However, both IU and Jiyeon concentrate on every other activity. Jiyeon supported IU by cheering her at her 10th-anniversary concert, while IU supported Jiyeon by praising her dance videos on Instagram.

T-ara Jiyeon, Suzy, and IU are known to be close friends. Jiyeon appeared jealous when IU and Suzy were hanging out during lunchtime and leaving her. Envious, she asked Suzy to eat together and leave IU behind. Suzy responded sweetly by saying she is going to alternate and venture out with both of them.

Big Bang Leader G-Dragon

G-Dragon and IU’s special friendship seems to possess started during the recording of the variability show Infinite Challenge’s bi-annual music festival. Each hosting member was challenged to provide a song with a partner artist. IU was teamed up with Comedian Park MyungSoo, while G-Dragon and another explosion member, Taeyang, were partnered with Comedian Hwang GwangHee. All the partners interacted between each segment with talk sessions and activity games. On the show, IU and G-Dragon appeared interested in one another.

IU and G-Dragon recently collaborated on IU’s song, Pallette. The song was included in IU’s 4th full music album with the identical name. She asked G-Dragon for lots of suggestions for the album, and there was a rap verse within the song “Palette” which was destined for G-Dragon to perform the part.

IU and G-Dragon supported one another by appearing and performing as guests in their individual concerts. IU performed at G-Dragon’s “Motte III” world tour concert in Taiwan while G-Dragon also performed at IU’s “Palette” concert. Both looked as if they would have high relevancy to one another.

In June 2017, IU presented G-Dragon with a refrigerator crammed with packs of soju that IU endorsed before G Dragon left to serve out his mandatory army service. In return, IU received a special present from G-Dragon. He bought IU’s album “Palette” and customized the quilt himself before presenting it to IU. the quilt was ornamented with a beautiful flower palette and 3-D stickers. IU revealed it had been one of every of the most special gifts that she received throughout the year.

G Dragon and IU also showed support to every other through their Instagram posts. IU posted a photograph of her face on a soju glass because of the model of a soju brand. The caption said, “Nice to determine you”. Surprisingly, out of nowhere G-Dragon commented: “My favorite” on the post.

Actor Kim Soo Hyun

IU and handsome actor Kim Soo Hyun are very long-time friends dating back to IU’s early TV dramas. the 2 appeared as co-stars on the teenager drama Dream High and within “The Producers”. Since then, both stars are appearing in each other’s projects. IU appeared in Kim Soo Hyun’s film “Real”, while he appeared in her music video.

IU asked Kim Soo Hyun to look within the music video for the song Ending Scene and let him understand how important it might be for her music video and her album. Despite his busy schedule, Kim Soo Hyun agreed to seem within the music videos. On April 21, 2017, during a listening session for “Palette”, IU expressed her gratitude to Kim Soo Hyun for his support and her happiness for the video.

In the Ending Scene video, IU gave the impression to be reading a letter addressed to Kim Soo Hyun. She revealed that the letter was actually a true letter. She ran through the letter with him before recording the scene. within the letter, she praised Kim Soo Hyun for his voice, face, and eyes. She admired his handsome and excellent look. Kim Soo Hyun couldn’t hide his feelings and was pleased and humbled by her compliments.

Actor Lee Joon Gi

In September 2016, IU starred as Hae Soo, with Lee Joon Gi as Wang Soo within the SBS hit dramaMoon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. They remained close even after the drama and gave support to every other project. IU sent a food truck and an ice truck to staff members and actors on the drama set for Lawless Lawyer. Lee Joon Gi appeared at IU’s concert. He praised IU for her energy during the concert and felt very pleased with her.

Two years after filming together, IU and Lee Joong Ki appeared together for the primary time on JTBC’s variety Knowing Bothers. In it episode, Lee Joon Ki said that he appeared at IU’s request. They shared their memories from “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo” and their recent activities. thanks to their appearance, the episode was Knowing Brothers record for viewership, with a rating of 7.3 percent.

Actor Yeo Jin Goo

IU acts alongside male leading actor Yeo Jin Goo in tvN’s dramaHotel Del Luna. Yeo Jin Goo plays a hotelier running a hotel for ghosts, while IU plays a hot-tempered hotel owner. The drama premiered on July 13, 2019. It was the most viewed tvN drama of 2019, making it one of the highest-rated Korean drama in cable television history.

After the ending of the drama, two actors keep in touch with each other. In December 2020, Yeo Jin Goo showed off the gifts he received from his former co-star IU. On December 22, Yeo Jin Goo posted photos of himself posing in front of a snack truck that made fish-shaped buns with red bean filling. The horizontal banner reads, “My special and precious Yeo Jin Goo, don’t get sick and hang in there. – Boss,” which is a reference to their 2019 drama “Hotel Del Luna”. The vertical banner contains a picture of Yeo Jin Goo pouting along with the words, “I want to eat the red bean buns by myself…”

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