Let’s get to grasp Yoon Jeong Han, Seventeen’s hairstyle King

SEVENTEEN’s Jeong Han has full profile and hairstyles through the years

SEVENTEEN could be a group under Pledis Entertainment, that debuted in 2015. while the name is SEVENTEEN, the group only has 13 members, S.Coups, Jeong Han, Joshua, Won Woo, Min Gyu, Woozi, DK, Seung Kwan, Hoshi, Jun, The8, Vernon, and Dino. Each member has their own charm, but there’s one member that caught everyone’s attention along with his appearance. He debuted with long hair and everybody thought that he was even as pretty as girl groups. That member is Jeonghan! Let’s get to understand more about him, shall we?

Yoon Jeong Han Profile and Facts

Name: Yoon Jeong-han

Stage name: Jeong-Han

Position: Lead vocalist (part of the vocal unit)

Date of birth: October 4, 1995

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 62 kg

Education: Hyangnam highschool

Nationality: Korean

Here are some awesome facts about Jeong-han:

  1. Jeong-Han has one younger sister
  2. His training period was 2 years and a pair of months
  3. He calls himself Angel because his birthday is on October 4 (1004), which is read as cheonsa in Korean and it means Angel
  4. He admires SHINee’s Tae-min
  5. His favorite Korean foods are chicken and stews
  6. Jeong-Han doesn’t like candy
  7. His hobbies are sleeping, soccer, badminton, and basketball
  8. He didn’t love his long hair before, but because the fans kept saying that he looked good, he began to like his long hair
  9. Jeong-Han is close friends with Monsta X’s Min-hyuk
  10. He says that he’s closest with Joshua, among all members of Seventeen

Jeong Han’s Hairstyles

Jeong Han has always been a hot topic when it involves hairstyles. That’s because among all the members of Seventeen, he has the longest hair and it makes him stand out. Let’s take a glance at his hairstyles over time.

Debut (2015)

His hair was already long when he made his debut. His hair was very long, straight, and brightly colored.

Love & Letter (2016)

A year later, Seventeen made a comeback amorously & Letter. Jeong-Han appeared with a way shorter hairstyle that gave him a flower boy image.

Teen Age (2017)

SEVENTEEN made another comeback with their second full-length studio album, Teen Age, in 2017. now Jeong Han drastically changed his hairstyle into a brief, curly, and full blond hairstyle! Still, he looks beautiful together with his hairstyle.

You Make My Day (2018)

Last year, the group came back and greeted their fans with you create My Day. Their style is yet again undoubted, as always. During this era, Jeong-Han kept his hair short but dyed with a reddish-brown color.

Jeong Han’s Photoshoot

Jeong Han features a very proportional body, so whenever he takes pictures, he seems like a true model. Like other idols, Jeong-Han and his group have often modeled for several magazines. take a look at his top 5 photoshoots!

With his group members, he looks handsome along with his messy-but-neat bright hair and square patterned outfit for 1st Look magazine. Don’t you’re thinking that so?

Jeong Han’s Latest News

SEVENTEEN has been active within the industry since their debut four years ago, with several comebacks. So what’s going to they are doing this year? Will they create another comeback?

January 10th, Seventeen released a teaser for his or her 6th mini-album, You Made My Dawn, which was released on January 21st. The title track of this comeback album has been revealed, and it’s Getting Closer. The news said that this comeback is that the prequel to their previous comeback, You Made My Day, but the news about it hasn’t been officially announced.

Are you guys anticipating SEVENTEEN’s first comeback this year?

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