Let’s get acquainted with the most handsome leader of Boyfriend, Donghyun

All about Donghyun, former boyfriend leader who had a similar fate with NU’EST JR

Kim Dong-hyun is that the leader & vocalist of the K-pop group BOYFRIEND. He was born on February 12, 1989, and debuted as a member of Boyfriend on May 26, 2011, under Starship Entertainment.

In this article, Xenews will introduce you to Boyfriend’s Leader, Kim Dong-hyun. So, keep reading everyone!

Donghyun’s Full Profile and Facts

Full Profile

  • Stage Name: Donghyun (동휸)
  • Birth Name: Kim Dong-hyun (김동현)
  • Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist
  • Nickname: Korea’s Jay Chou
  • Birthday: day, 1989
  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Height: 178 cm (5’10”)
  • Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)
  • Blood Type: A
  • Twitter: @boyf_dh
  • Instagram: @boy_e.black

Facts About Donghyun

  • Donghyun Shares a space with Minwoo & Hyunseong
  • He claims to be the one who eats the smallest amount within the group
  • He admits to being a troublemaker and an awfully curious person
  • One of Donghyun’s eyes is 80% blind thanks to an accident that happened when he was a child
  • Has the foremost interest in fashion compared to the opposite members
  • He likes to convey advice to his members and scolds them when necessary because he wants them to try to do their best
  • He prefers to think first before doing something, yet is usually forgetful
  • His childhood dream was to at least one day become a famous pianist
  • He believes himself to be the funniest member of the group
  • Donghyun was a participant in “The Unit”. (Ranked 12)
  • Donghyun acted within the Korean dramas “The 1km Distance Between Us” (2015) and “Miracle” (in 2016).
  • Donghyun’s ideal type: “Because I’m an individual who is careful together with his actions, I prefer lively girls who smile lots.”

Donghyun’s Pre-debut Story

After discovering that the Jo twins starred in over 300 Commercial Films as child actors, netizens became increasingly curious about the Boyfriend members’ pasts. This time, they revealed that the leader, Donghyun, had actually starred during a KBS reality program named “Conduct Zero” ages back, and were surprised to find out that he was a touch of a rebel back within the day. “Conduct Zero” was a preferred show that took six rebellious high school boys and aimed to remodel them into model students with dreams to appear forward to through the assistance of actor and strict mentor, Choi Min-soo.

Beneath his pretty-boy looks, Donghyun was a student who was fairly unruly. But it seems that he cleaned up pretty much, as netizens commented on how Donghyun transformed from a whiny young kid to a robust new leader. For those accustomed to the show, Park Tae-yang has gone on to acting, while Lee Hwan is now a DJ and a model under Big Hit Entertainment.

Joined KBS ‘The Unit’ As Contestant

Starship Entertainment revealed that four of the six Boyfriend members would air ‘The Unit’. There had been reports that Boyfriend would be joining the KBS idol-rebooting show, and Starship Entertainment confirmed that Donghyun, Jeongmin, Kwangmin, and Minwoo are going to be on the show.

The first open audience recording of ‘The Unit’ was scheduled for the quarter days and 30. the primary episode of the show was being broadcast on October 28 and also the show had 14 episodes.

Have Same Fate As NU’EST’s JR?

Overnight is an unforgettable day for fans of KBS’s ‘The Unit’ survival program. The last episode that was aired live announced the nine members who entered the debut line-up. Unfortunately, one among the contestants who was believed to be entering is that the leader Boyfriend, Kim Dong-hyun, who ranked 12th, in order that he couldn’t get into the debut line-up within the last episode, while he always had a fairly convincing rating beforehand.

This made netizens remember last year’s Mnet “Produce 101 Season 2” survival program where NU’EST’s leader Kim Jong-hyun, also called JR, was unable to enter the line-up debut. Netizens made lots of comments and wrote posts like:

“The last episode of ‘The Unit’ really stroke a chord in my memory of ‘Produce 101’ …”

“No must regret, Donghyun is happy like Jonghyun later …”

“The words ‘Boyfriend needs more leader’ jogs my memory of ‘NU’EST needing more leaders’ …”

“For prospective survival contestants within the future, never show your leadership skills otherwise you won’t enter the line-up debut …”

“I am a NU’EST’s fans, initially we did feel guilty but felt guilty without doing anything then it might be vainly right? I just want to mention that if you support it then you’ve got to support it to the top. Boyfriend fans, excited! ”


  • Janus (2012)
  • Seventh Mission (2013)
  • Seventh Color (2014)
  • Bouquet (2019)

Donghyun’s Filmography



TV Show

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