Let’s find out the details of B-Free’s immodest behavior to BTS

Details of rapper B-Free’s disrespect toward BTS and his apology

In 2013, BTS’s Suga and RM, B-Free, and other hip-hop artists participated during a broadcast titled ‘Kim Bong Hyun’s Hip-Hop Invitational 1st Anniversary Broadcast.‘ Reportedly, since many fans gathered there have been fans of BTS snapping away pictures of their idols, a number of the underground rappers began to jokingly comment about idols being present. This somehow gradually ended up in a very full-fledged conversation about idol rappers vs. other rappers. At the time, BTS was still not as well-known as they’re now. In fact, they’d not even been debated for a year and were still a rookie group.

Most of the exchange was between B-Free and therefore the BTS members. Although the atmosphere started off lightheartedly, it soon became a touch tense, as B-Free took quite a few jabs with difficult questions aimed toward the boys. Let’s find out the main points of how B-free disrespected BTS!

Rapper B-Free Disrespecting BTS in 2013

The fancam video taken by a BTS fan begins with mild banter about whether the idol rapper and other rappers present may be considered a part of the identical hip-hop scene. After a bit discussion with the opposite rappers attending, the MC, who perceived to want to possess more discussion from everyone present, asked the boys about what they thought when people asked questions about whether idols and hip-hop were two things that go well with one another,

To answer that question, RM said, “I know when people consider idols, they consider the makeup and garments. But honestly, if you only hear our album itself, our album is extremely hip-hop.” In response, another rapper commented, “Hip-hop isn’t just the name of a genre, it’s bigger than that. So I believe it’s more of a rap album than hip-hop.” B-Free went on, “It’s just an album that has rap.” Rap Monster calmly responded that he understands what the rappers try to mention, since he had previous underground experience, as well. He expressed that he understood the points of view of both rappers and idols, and is additionally trying to work out the balance, himself.

Then the conversation changed to talking about their style (as an idol,) which tends to vary from the hip-hop style. When the host commented, “So after you placed on ‘makeup or disguise for the stage“, B-Free interrupted to joke, “No that’s not’ boonjang, it’s yeojang’ (males disguising themselves as females).” Rap Monster tried to elucidate that he feels awkward about it and continues to be trying to induce accustomed the makeup and understands why they’d entails things like that, yet again emphasizing he understood both worlds. B-Free then interjected, “So what’s it that you simply want to try and do, really? You say you understand both worlds and if you wish to try and do both and say you understand both, then what’s it that you simply really need to do? If you say it’s awkward and you don’t prefer it, then what’s it that you just want to do? ”

At now, Suga took his mic and responded, “I just want to be ready to reach intent on lots of individuals with my music, I do know he [Rap Monster] wants that too … I believe you may take this the incorrect way, but personally, I need to be the bridge between underground and major. the rationale for this is often I’ve been underground before in Daegu, and went through lots of hardships myself. I finally released a track and tried to sell it, but couldn’t earn a dime off of it. Doing music like that, it had been really hard … ”

B-Free then asked, “So you went up to Seoul because you didn’t want to experience hardships?” to which Suga responded, “No, it’s not like that. I finally came up to Seoul because I wanted to continue doing music with my crew hyungs, and that I thought to myself that it’d be good to first build up more recognition, which would be how to continue doing music with the hyungs.” B-Free yet again interjected, “So then being an idol could be a temporary thing to form money?” Suga said that wasn’t the case, which he was happy to be ready to reach bent on an outsized audience together with his music which he felt grateful for it.

As the atmosphere began to get a touch heated, the host tried to peacefully bring to a close the topic, but B-Free wasn’t done expressing himself as he commented, “I’m not trying to mention that only 1 way is true. But since I don’t know SUGA, or ‘sultang-shi’ [‘sultang’ means sugar in Korean] and RapMon, and that they don’t know me and doubtless haven’t listened to my music, and that I haven’t listened to BTS’s music, I just have some questions that I’m inquisitive about. ”

He failed to stop there. B-Free then asked about how the members of BTS came together, and Rap Monster explained that the group originally started off as a hip-hop group with no dancing involved, but eventually, members were changed out and other members with different strengths were added to the BTS form we all know today. B-Free commented, “You know as Suga said before about how he faced hardships, which he couldn’t make a dime, well, that was the case for all people too. It’s like that for everybody, but the difference is, are you ready to stand with it until the top …. I just want you and that I are people that could are walking the identical path, but you weren’t able to resist the temptation. ” Suga responded by saying, “I can’t really understand why you’d describe that as temptation.”

The host tried to all over again bring to a halt the conversation, but B-Free interrupted again to ask about the BTS’s concept trailer for ‘O! RUL8,2?‘. He stated, “Oh there’s something I’m interested in. Someone told me that there was a bunch out there using Kanye West’s ‘Black Skinhead’ as their own, so I searched it up and it absolutely was you guys. I listened thereto, and therefore the beat and therefore the rapping style was identical. I would like to understand why that was the case. I do know I used to be really upset at the time and cussed about it online, so I’m sorry about this, and your fans tried to inform me that the producer for that song had mixed it for you. ” Rap Monster responded, “I think you would possibly have misunderstood about all that. Yes, it had been mixed for us, which was an ideal trailer, just trying to showcase our dance. That dance was actually choreographed to Kanye West’s song and that we really did want to use his original track, but the song contains a lot of strong languages that wouldn’t pass the inspection, so we weren’t able to use it. I’d have personally liked to own used the initial track myself, then this is able to be lots clearer. ”

B-Free, however, didn’t seem to be very convinced by Rap Monster’s response and said that he doesn’t understand how someone who claims to respect Kanye West could conform to something like that, and present something like it’s his own by putting his own rap over the MR of the track. He also said, “To me, it seems like being respected to repeat things from an artist that you simply like and present it as your own.” Rap Monster asked him to clarify a bit more about what he meant by copying, as they were just dancing. However, as B-Free began to respond, the host, feeling that things were going too far, firmly ended the conversation to the frustration of B-Free, who insisted that he was simply asking questions and hearing the answers to them.

Although ultimately geared toward B-Free or the case, Rap Monster dropped a track with some strong lyrics that appear as if it’s his thanks to expressing his current state of thoughts, a number of which many fans believe were saying B-Free’s comments that allegedly came off as him not taking idol rappers seriously.

Rap Monster uses Drake’s ‘Too Much’ because the base, and adds in lyrics like “I just wanted to rap, you said I’m a puppet, f*ck I’m not. There are such a big amount of, too many thoughts. I’ll pause and wait, these unceasing waves of past thoughts. Yeah, I’m a monster, once I’ve become a monster, I can not be human. I can never be human such as you again. whether or not that’s the explanation that individuals diss me, whether I’m an artist or an idol, don’t provide a f*ck this can be my life. Whether this becomes porridge or rice, it’s the table I laid out for myself.”

“Yeah, I’m a f*cking monster idol. young fans hate me cuz I’m a f*cking monster. Hip-hop fans also hate me cuz I’m a f*cking idol rapper who can’t come to their concert. Yeh right? Relieved now, right? So how you doin’ b*tches. I make quite the cash fine many thanks and you b*tches. each time there was an interview you said to me ‘find your happiness’. But even now, I’m still sometimes confused about whether I’ve found my happiness. Doing music that I wanted to try to, having the ability to mention the items I’ve wanted to mention, the instant I waited for, the very fact that I can attain the dream I used to be desperate for… I clearly achieved my dream, yet I stand there hesitating. I’ve included here the thoughts of mine, of somebody who’s just had plenty on his mind and has been looking for something.”

B-Free’s Apology to BTS and military

After the incident, many BTS fans taken off to release their anger on B-Free through SNS means, demanding that he apologize. Even Bang Shi-hyuk, the CEO of huge Hit Entertainment, BTS’s agency, and also BTS’s producer, expressed his disappointment via Twitter, “I think that speaking on your mind is that the basic attitude of hip-hop. But regardless of the genre, shouldn’t does one know when the time or place is or isn’t appropriate? it absolutely was another party to celebrate their one-year anniversary. If you can’t keep what you have got to mention to yourself, wouldn’t or not it’s better to not come on? ”

Rather than remaining silent about things, B-Free tried to elucidate to the angry fans tweeting him that it had been just his nature to jest at, writing in English, “Truly blessed to possess come from nothing and have people talking about me. Only makes I would like to figure harder and make music better, and perhaps I will be an improved person within the process, I just ridicule things from a perspective where if a person wears makeup and dances sort of a lady Gaga, I just meant to form fun and that’s it. ”

After it slow of retweeting angry fan comments and responding during a joking manner back at a number of them, he also wrote, “Ah, today was enjoyable! the very fact that i’ve got this much of an impact on this many people! Anyways, if you’re truly still wondering what I said for over 20 minutes, I honestly suggest that you simply go end up a boyfriend.” He also took to his Instagram to share a photograph of BTS fans from the event, with the caption, “Calm down …”

In January 2016, B-free finally apologized to BTS via his Twitter, but just some days after apologizing to BTS and their fans, the Hi-Lite Records rapper B-Free did a 180 and went on the attack.

On January 30, 2016, B-Free posted that he would bitchslap BTS the subsequent time he sees them and said, “I swear bts got some retarded-ass fans.” he also added, “y’all did it congrats! after I see your oppas i’mma bitch slap them so hard for all of yall, thank you”


On July 14, 2019, through his official Twitter account (@chrt_free), B-Free apologized for his previous actions towards BTS, “To BTS and their fans i’m so pitying all the emotional pain I’ve caused. “Please forgive me. Wish the most effective.” He then mentioned BTS in an exceedingly separate Tweet, and wrote in Korean, “I’m incredibly sorry to BTS and BTS’s fans for my past actions. i assumed that I’d be able to say this face-to-face someday but…for now, I’ll express [my thoughts] like this.”

ARMY’s Reaction

K-netz reactions to B-Free’s apology on NAVER site:

  • [+2,391, -11] He called BTS ‘BTS b*tches’ and humiliated them in other extreme ways right to their faces. He’s only apologizing now because he wants attention so please don’t feed the troll.
  • [+986, -8] ^^ We told him to don’t even bother apologizing but after all, he never listens ^^
  • [+560, -1] Who?
  • [+445, -2] Why is that this within the celebrity news section when nobody knows who he is…
  • [+371, -4] Nugu..
  • [+123, -0] Suga was 20 and Namjoon was 19 at the time, and it still makes me upset to consider them staying quiet while taking note of him, though I’m sure being rookies had lots to try and do with their intimidation similarly ㅜ BTS has earned their justice and that’s all that matters. He has to stop talking and apologizing.
  • [+116, -2] I still can’t watch that video of him dissing them. He said numerous rude things to their faces, and that I just don’t think I can stand to look at the facial expressions of the youngsters.
  • [+101, -2] I feel I remember him saying that BTS became more famous because he dissed them ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ he’s so pathetic, just ignore the troll
  • on Seoul News via Nate:

  • [+1,554, -21] As if any of that matters now ㅋㅋㅋ
  • [+1,399, -16] He’s baiting attention for himself… I doubt they even know you exist ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • [+1,245, -14] Why? Why now?…?
  • [+122, -3] He’s only saying that because he knows if he mentions BTS, his name will get within the news ㅋㅋ what a thug
  • [+97, -2] He’s gotta do what he can to urge attention for himself
  • [+81, -1] He publicly said all those things about RapMon and Suga after they were so young then, and now that they’re worldwide superstars, he’s apologizing? I don’t feel an oz of genuine feeling during this. unfortunate people like idol rappers who wear makeup than pathetic hip-hop losers such as you. Enjoy living the remainder of your life as a ‘nugu’ (as of unknown).
  • [+80, -3] Just another super ‘nugu’ (another unknown) acting up ㅋㅋ stay quiet
  • [+69, -2] Pretty sure it’s not only BTS who deserves an apology?
  • [+62, -3] the best variety of revenge is your own success and I’m happy with BTS
  • [+53, -2] Trying to urge a ride on BTS fame
  • and also on theqoo sites,

  • I feel something ironic.
  • He’s a Korean rapper, right? Why does he not write in Korean?
  • ????? He won’t apologize if BTS is unsuccessful.
  • I actually hate him.
  • These days, do people apologize through SNS? He should apologize to BTS.
  • He’s trying to urge attention, he’s a failed hip-hop artist.
  • At that point, Bang Si Hyuk was so angry that Bang Si Hyuk visited his company because Bang Si Hyuk wanted to speak. He’s a trash can.
  • Does he hear ‘Mic Drop’? Don’t apologize because he’s not eligible now.
  • I’m not an acquaintance, but I feel sad whenever I study BTS’s faces at that point. i ponder how they feel at the time.
  • He won’t apologize if BTS isn’t as popular as it’s now. So bitter
  • 5 years later, why now? …..
  • Suddenly???? So funny! ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ
  • Success is that the best revenge is correct.
  • I don’t know who he’s because I’m not a BTS fan, but once I see Koreans apologize to Koreans and see everything in English, his apology has no sincerity.
  • I don’t even know who B-Free is …
  • Many ARMY considers the apologies from B-Free to be too late, considering that this happened in 2013. It’s only now B-Free has apologized to BTS and armed forces after BTS became successful and famous throughout the globe. Of course, this has caused Many BTS fans to refuse to simply accept B-Free apologies. Even B-Free’s music video entitled ‘James Bond‘ has over sixfold the number of dislikes, compared to the number of likes.

    Apart from that, let’s still support and appearance forward to the most recent comeback from BTS this February. Of course, they need to work hard to administer their best on their new album. Don’t forget to stream and still protect BTS from those that want to harm the group, and make BTS proud to possess us as ARMY!

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