Let’s discover the Zelo tattoo!

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Let’s discover the Zelo tattoo! I believe you guys will be surprised when knowing that! Get ready to discover!

Zelo’s tattoos

Zelo is that the youngest member of a legendary boy group that debuted in 2012, B.A.P Zelo is simply his pseudonym though, his real name is Choi Jun-hong.

In 2017, came a chunk of shocking news that Choi Jun-hong has gotten a tattoo on his abdomen. Some were quite surprised, but some already expected this because Choi Jun-hong is incredibly close with Bang Yong-guk and Jung Dae-hyun. These two are members of B.A.P, and that they had gotten tattoos way before Choi Jun-hong decided to urge one. It can be inferred that Zelo was probably quite inspired by both, Bang Yong-guk and Jung Dae-hyun, to make your mind up to induce tattoos.

Not only the tattoo on his abdomen could be a unique one, but it’s also very meaningful.

Pic 1 - Let's discover the Zelo tattoo!

Zelo’s stomach tattoo is inspired by an installation by Marina Abramovic and Ulay titled Relation in Time. The unique thing about this installation is that Marina Abramovic and Ulay were using their own bodies for the art installation. They display themselves for 17 hours in Bologna’s Studio G7 in 1977.

The couple’s hairs were tied tight, symbolizing the connection between the 2 of them. For the primary 16 hours, they only sat there without an audience. For every hour that passed, a photograph had been taken. It had been clear that as time goes by their hair that was tied together pretty tight started getting looser and looser. This signifies a connection that drifts apart slowly and maybe without awareness. regardless of how hard the both of them try and stay still and keep their hair together, somehow at some point, the bond will inevitably become loose.

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