Let’s discover Kpop lightsticks!

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Let’s discover Kpop lightsticks! I believe all you guys will be surprised when knowing the truth behind these! Get ready to know with Xenews!

Being a lover of Kpop, whether you’re a rookie or a guru, you may definitely understand the lightstick. It’s not simply a traditional glowing stick except for every Korean group, it’s its own meaningful message. Join us to seek out out what a lightstick is!

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What is a lightstick?

The lightstick was born as a tool that might be used for music events, which may well be a glowing board for idols and events, glowing sticks or bracelets utilized in concerts to support the idol with a comparatively crude and easy design.

Currently, Lightstick is additionally used because the ticket to enter the show, the form is additionally well-designed in terms of fashion, trend, visual and it must be of very high application.

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In the beginning, the lightstick was just light sticks with a straightforward design

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Most Kpop idol groups and idols will have their lightsticks designed and produced by the corporate after debuting for ages. It’s to provide their own lightstick patterns to differentiate their fandom and to illuminate their characteristic colors to indicate the spirit of the fan for the idol. On the lightstick, the indispensable mark must be the emblem or the name of the group.

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