Let’s check these female K-Pop idols are more and more beautiful with blonde hair!

Female idols enhance their beauty by dyeing their hair blonde. Their beauties became more glorious with blonde hair!

The appearance of K-pop idols is always what the public pays the most attention to. Therefore, idols always have to take care of their appearance properly every time they appear. Many female stars attract fans by choosing the right hair color. In particular, when wearing blonde hair, female idols increase their beauty rankings.

NingNing (aespa)

In the past few days, aespa has not stopped attracting fans’ attention when becoming the 3rd K-pop girl group to perform at Coachella 2022. At the same time, the four girls’ looks when appearing in the West are also appreciated by the audience.

Most noticeable is NingNing with outstanding blonde hair. She is praised for her beauty becoming more attractive and beautiful in this hair color. Blonde hair helps aespa beautify her white skin and attractive appearance.


NingNing shines on Coachella stage


Hair color helps the female idol to highlight her bright white skin


So far, Rosé has always been famous for her trademark blonde hair. Although she has white skin that is suitable for all hair colors, in blonde, she becomes even more beautiful. When wearing this hair color, the BLACKPINK beauty shows off her bright white skin and beautiful beauty.

Besides, her shiny blonde hair also helped Rosé own legendary moments at Coachella 2019. When performing on stage, she had melancholy hair-flipping. The light-colored hair fluttering in the wind made the female idol “fascinated” the audience. Since then, Rosé also has had nicknames such as “wind princess” or “wind muse”.


Coachella and blonde hair are Rosé’s “legendary combos”


Blond hairstyle was promoted by Rosé in the magazine.


In addition to her musical talent, Somi also “cuts the hearts” of fans thanks to her extremely eye-catching hybrid beauty. She has a doll-like beauty thanks to her flawless face and perfect body. At the same time, when the beauty born in 2001 changed to blonde hair, her beauty was clearly enhanced. Owning white skin, she becomes even more shining in this outstanding hair color.


Somi is associated with blonde hair color


The female idol’s western beauty is more perfect thanks to this hair color

Nayeon (TWICE)

Since debuting with TWICE, Nayeon has impressed the audience with her pretty and cute appearance. She is memorable with her chubby cheeks and cute bunny-tooth smile. Recently, the female idol surprised netizens with blonde hair. She is praised by many people for becoming more beautiful with her new hair color.


Nayeon becomes more beautiful when she changes her blonde hair

Mina (TWICE)

Besides Nayeon, Mina is also one of the TWICE members who are complemented with blonde hair. Every time she wears this hair color, she immediately takes the spotlight, exuding a luxurious and haughty aura like a lady. The outstanding hair accentuated Mina’s top-notch visuals and spotless white skin.


Mina was praised for her aura when wearing blonde hair.

Huening Bahiyyih (Kep1er)

Bahiyyih is also one of the female idols who have a hybrid beauty that is praised by many people. However, the beauty of the female idol really stands out when she “F5” has bright blonde hair. Following Bahiyyih, many viewers commented that she became more beautiful and eye-catching with this hair color.

Huening Bahiyyih

Bahiyyih has been promoted to beauty thanks to her blonde hair

Taeyeon (SNSD)

In nearly 15 years of singing, Taeyeon has never disappointed fans with her beauty. She has excellent visuals and smooth, baby-like white skin. Thanks to that, the leader of SNSD can take over many different hair colors, making people admire it. But it can be seen that the hair color that helps Taeyeon cause “visual shock” to the audience is bright yellow. Wearing this hair color, the beauty born in 1989 was praised for being young and beautiful as a goddess.


The female idol has a variety of transformations in blonde hair color


It can be seen that blonde hair color has helped many female idols improve their beauty significantly. Therefore, it is easier for K-pop beauties to win the hearts of fans.

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