Let’s check the truth after BTS disbanded rumor!

HYBE Group corrected the news that BTS was temporarily suspending group activities, confusing fans. Learn more below!

During the Festa Dinner to celebrate the group’s 9th anniversary, BTS members said that they’d be entering a replacement chapter, and group activities would be interrupted.

In the future, rather than releasing a mixtape, the members will successively release solo albums, starting with j-hope. The order at that time may well be Suga, Jungkook (no specific date yet).


BTS in “Yet To Come”

The 7 Bighit boys announced that they’re not inhabitation but are getting closer day by day. The group has its own friendship tattoo of the quantity 7 (representing 7 members) and needs to continue filming the truth show Run!BTS.

Member Jungkook confided that the solo time should have come to the members earlier, but the group delayed it because they wanted to concentrate on promoting the name of BTS. ”Each member will spend your time enjoying plenty of fun things and experiencing new things. We promise to return someday, once we are more mature and mature than our current selves,’ shared the youngest member of BTS.

BTS’s announcement on the evening of Flag Day surprised many fans and misunderstood the group to prevent working. On the morning of June 15, the HYBE group of yank media AP corrected that BTS will still work with projects as a bunch, likewise as individuals: ”BTS won’t be interrupted/suspended from work. motion. The upcoming members will focus more on solo plans.


In the future, BTS will promote each member’s solo activities, from music to variety shows, and possibly acting. additionally, the cooperation with international stars is additionally gradually revealed.

Earlier, Insight reported, that rapper Snoop Dogg confirmed the data about collaborating with BTS on a new music product.

Many rumors say that singer Charlie Puth will collaborate with Jungkook on a brand new album that may be released in September.

jung kook charlie

Charlie Puth reveals that he will collaborate with Jungkook on the new album of the vocalist we do not Talk Anymore

BTS is currently rated united by the largest music groups in the world. The group topped the list of 10 most influential Korean stars in kimchi, ranked by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and recognized by experts as a crucial factor contributing billions of dollars to the economy.

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