Let’s check Song Hye Kyo net worth 2021 with us!

Song Hye Kyo net worth 2021: What does the ‘Descendants of the Sun’ star do with her money?

Song Hye Kyo isn’t only hailed together of the prettiest faces in South Korea’s show business, but she is additionally one among the highest-paid. With a solid portfolio comprising of 1 successful K-Drama after another, films, and endorsements, she is now also considered one of the richest actresses in Korea.

Her fans span worldwide, which makes her a highly sought-after actress. She’s not retiring just yet – so her net worth can go up some more.

Song Hye Kyo Net Worth 2021

According to Wealthy Persons, Song Hye Kyo is worth a whopping $25 million as of April 2021.

This owes to her unfailing acting prowess, which allowed her to achieve іntеrnаtіоnаl рорulаrіtу thrоugh hеr rоlеѕ іn “Аll Іn,” “Full Ноuѕе,” “Еnсоuntеr,” and after all, “Descendants of the Sun.”

Apart from her highly-rated K-Dramas, she also has several famous movies under her belt, including but not limited to “Нwаng Јіn Yі,” “Му Вrіllіаnt Lіfе,” аnd “Тhе Quееnѕ.” She encompasses a face made for comedy, drama, and even thriller.

Most importantly, she encompasses a face that sells, which is why she also has various lucrative endorsements.

In 2017, it had been not surprising that shе rаnkеd 7th іn thе Fоrbеѕ Роwеr Сеlеbrіtу lіѕt.

Song Hye Kyo Assets: Where Does The Star’s Money Go?

According to Koreaboo, Song owns a complete of three properties in Samseong-dong. this is often no ordinary neighborhood since it’s one of the foremost expensive and splendid areas in Seoul, Korea. to possess one property may be a mean feat – to possess three are somethings else.
The first one she was able to purchase cost US$7.2 million at that point, the second at US$2.5 million. Her third Samseong-dong property had a tag of US$7.6 million.

Her realty assets extend up to common in the big apple at one point. She wont to own a Manhattan flat, which she sold in 2018.

In 2020, she put up one of her luxury properties up available at $7 million. Because the worth is sort of low compared to the market value at the time, some suggested that it absolutely was meant to be an emergency sale – all because the actress can not stand it and therefore the memories it holds. Rumors had it that she and her ex-husband Song Joong-Ki have had plenty of memories there. But there have been clarifications subsequently that this is often not true.

Her money doesn’t just visit assets or luxury items, though. The actress may be a known charity donor additionally. She has donated to numerous causes, most of which can not be discounted as only being a tiny low sum. She once won a legal case back in 2016 and her immediate action was to donate the cash away. The 35-years-old actress isn’t just pretty and talented, she includes a heart made from gold too.

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