Let’s check Son Na Eun’s profile!

Cover - Let’s check Son Na Eun's profile!

Let’s check Son Na Eun’s profile! I believe you guys will be surprised when knowing that! Are you expected? Get ready with Xenews!

Son Na-eun – the Goddess-like Member of Apink

When it involves the girl group Apink, the overall public is most aware of the representative who is understood because of the visual of the group, Naeun. Her innocent beauty has always been popular ever since the first days of Apink. Therefore, it’s expected that compared to other Apink members, everything that Naeun does must appear in media outlets often, be it the positive or negative news.

Apink’s Son Na-eun’s Full Profile

Pic 1 - Let’s check Son Na Eun's profile!

Birth Name: Son Na Eun

Stage Name: Naeun

Catholic Name: Marcella Son

English Name: Rachel Son

Nickname: Goddess Son, SonShine, GoToNyu

Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, 10 February 1994

Nationality: South Korean

Blood Type: B

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Chinese Astrology: Dog

Education: Chungdam High School, Seoul School of Performing Arts, Dongguk University, with a major in Department of Theater and Art

Language: Korean, Chinese

Religion: Catholic

Siblings: 1 (a younger sister named Son Sae-eun)

Hobbies: Collecting, drawing, listening to music, and buying clothes.

Talent Agency: Plan A Entertainment (2011 – current)

Apink Son Na-eun’s Age, Height, and Weight

As explained in her personal profile earlier, Apink’s Naeun was born in 1994. in keeping with the Korean Age System, in 2018, Naeun’s age is 25 years old and in keeping with the International Age System, Naeun is 24 years old. there’s one unique trivia regarding Naeun and her age. Apparently, Naeun has the precise same birth date and year as Red Velvet’s Seulgi as both of them were born on February 10th, 1994. Besides Naeun, there are other Korean females and male idols who were born in 1994 still, like Lovelyz’s Mijoo and Jisoo, Red Velvet’s Seulgi and Wendy, Suzy, f(x)’s Krystal, Sulli, and EXO’s Kai and Sehun. On the opposite hand, Naeun is taken into account as a tall and thin girl as her height is 168 cm, whereas her weight is 45 kg.

Apink’s Son Na-eun’s Fun Facts

Pic 2 - Let’s check Son Na Eun's profile!Naeun wont to be a JYP trainee.

Naeun is that the first Apink member who was revealed to the general public.

Naeun enjoys taking note of sad music.

Along with Chorong, Naeun is kind of skillful in artworks.

Naeun’s favorite colors are black and burgundy. She is commonly seen wearing clothes and goods in these colors.

Instead of hating her anti-fans, Naeun claimed that these people also are loved by her still.

Naeun likes to touch her hair plenty. She considers it as a nasty habit.

During her appearance on MBC’s Radio Star, Naeun said that she encompasses a crush on TWICE’s Tzuyu.

Naeun received the nickname ‘GoToNyu’ from a former Apink member Yookyung because she always carries sweet potatoes and tomatoes in her bag.

Naeun’s ideal type is someone who is honest and encompasses a manly personality.

Dynamic Duo’s Choiza was once chosen as her ideal type.

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