Let’s check some modern hanbok brands!

Cover - Let's check some modern hanbok brands!

Let’s check some modern hanbok brands! Are you expected and excited to know these brands! Today, let’s discover with Xenews! 

Modern hanbok brands

While the hanbok accustomed be worn only during special occasions, designers have begun to update them to suit times in recent years. Modern hanbok is usually designed for daily wear and incorporates contemporary elements.

Korean celebrities like BLACKPINK have also begun to add modern hanbok to their wardrobe. within the music video for the group’s latest new single, How you prefer That, BLACKPINK wore brightly-colored modern hanbok, also called shin hanbok (new hanbok), during a dance scene.

To help you follow in the footsteps of your favorite idols, we’ve put together a listing of brands where you’ll be able to purchase your new modern hanbok and strut your stuff.

1. Danha Seoul

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Founded in 2018, Danha Seoul is one of every of the most popular brands for contemporary hanboks without delay. you will recognize some Danha Seoul pieces from BLACKPINK’s latest music video. Both Rosé’s fruit pattern top and Jennie’s pink floral jacket are from Danha’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection.

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Jennie’s jacket was altered by her stylist, but don’t fret. The brand encompasses a jeogori (hanbok top) version that’s just like what she wore within the music video.

Danha Seoul prides itself on its eco-friendliness. The brand uses only organic or recycled fabric, moreover as a standard Korean drafting method to minimize fabric wastage.

The brand offers hanbok-inspired pieces, like crop tops, dresses, and trousers. Their designs primarily utilize bright and pastel colors with traditional floral and fruit motifs to make a more avant-garde feel in their prints.

There are pieces in muted shades like cream, brown, navy, and black for those that prefer a neutral wardrobe.

Pic 3 - Let's check some modern hanbok brands!

In addition to clothes for adults, Danha also sells mini hanboks for youths so you’ll dress up your tiny doppelganger in matching designs.

Pieces from Danha Seoul start at USD115. 

2. Leesle

Pic 4 - Let's check some modern hanbok brands!

Started by head designer Hwang Lee-sle in 2014, LEESLE aims to form fashionable yet wearable hanbok. it’s one of all the foremost prominent Korean hanbok fashion brands worldwide and was even featured modish.

LEESLE has been worn by the likes of K-pop celebrities, like BTS’s Jimin.

Pic 5 - Let's check some modern hanbok brands!

Their designs tend to air the subtler and simpler side, preferring to concentrate on translating hanbok features into everyday clothing.

LEESLE’s pieces start at USD50. 

3. Seorinarae

Seorinarae is another modern hanbok brand that has been worn by K-pop idols. The brand posted a photograph of BTS’s Jimin wearing a men’s top on their official Instagram account, although this has since been taken down.

Pic 6 - Let's check some modern hanbok brands!

Seorinarae has mainly concentrated its efforts on saenghwal (daily life) hanbok. They modernize traditional hanbok elements with preppy prints like stripes, polka dots, and even plaid.

Interestingly enough, the brand has also tapped into the strong couple-centric culture in Korea to provide couple sets with matching hanboks.

Seorinarae is one of the foremost affordable options on this list, with prices ranging from USD30. 

4. Coreano

Pic 7 - Let's check some modern hanbok brands!

Coreano could be a 10-year-old brand that has refined its tackle casual-style hanbok. Its designs mainly utilize subtle floral prints and pastel colors for a younger and fresher feel. they are doing also make use of lace and dark colors for more extravagant pieces.

Besides just coats, their winter collection includes shawls, capes, and thicker jackets with hoods.

Coreano pieces retail from ~USD70.

Let’s check some modern hanbok brands! Don’t forget to catch up with the K-fashion news with us every day!