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Park Seo Joon’s partners in dramas: Hwang Jung Eum, Kim Ji Won, Park Min Young, and other beautiful actresses! Learn more the details below!

Get to understand handsome actor Park Seo-joon

Who doesn’t fathom Park Seo-joon? Since his acting debut in 2012, he has successfully become one in every of the ‘It Guys’ in South Korea, and even overseas! Mostly, Park Seo-joon’s roles are good ones, and, obviously, he has been paired with lots of multi-talented actresses as his love interests in various K-dramas. Xenews will offer you the small print of this, so stay tuned!

Park Seo-joon has proven his acting ability by starring in a lot of dramas. Obviously, his co-workers in those dramas had an impact on his acting, contributing to his excellent chemistry with them! does one want to grasp more about the chemistry Park Seo-joon has had with a number of his actress co-stars?

Through this text, Xenews has introduced you Park Seo-joon and a few of his leading ladies!

Park Seo-joon & Ex-SISTAR’s Hyolyn – Dream High 2

park seo joon hyolyn

First of all, we’ve got Park Seo-joon and Hyolyn in Dream High 2! Since the drama was really popular when it first came out, lots of individuals must’ve appreciated the chemistry between Park Seo-joon and Hyolyn during this series. Park Seo-joon was cast as Si Woo and Hyolyn was cast as Nana.

Dream High 2 was a opera and also gained plenty of attention for its highschool teenage story. Park Seo-joon and Hyolyn really showed off their chemistry as Si Woo and Nana! while they weren’t the most run up the show, they still they’d their own fans, as well.

Nana was involved in a very love triangle between Si Woo and Hong Joo. Si Woo, who was called the rebel student, had a crush on Nana. He had to compete with Hong Joo, who also felt the identical way about her, but the chemistry between Si Woo and Nana was presumably, right?

Here are a number of the sweet moments between Si Woo and Nana in Dream High 2:

Park Seo-joon & Uhm Jung-hwa – A Witch’s Love

park seo joon uhm jung hwa

Next, there’s Park Seo-joon and Uhm Jung-hwa in an exceedingly Witch’s Love. Park Seo-joon was cast as Yoon Dong-ha and Uhm Jung-hwa played Ban Ji-yeon. Ban Ji-yeon was a frenzied woman who loved her occupation as a reporter greatly, and her colleagues within the office nicknamed her a ‘Witch’. Yoon Dong-ha was a standard guy who had a little business along with his friend and he was referred to as a cheerful guy, while actually, he kept a dark secret about his girlfriend’s death.

Even though Ban Ji-yeon was some years older than Yoon Dong-ha, the chemistry between them was amazing! Their first encounter occurred accidentally, and it lead them into being closer than before. Ban Ji-yeon was already popular with her ‘Witch’ nickname and sometimes she was just weird, but Yoon Dong-ha was there for her and have become a good spouse for her.

If you’re searching for a noona-romance story, you must watch A Witch’s Love and acquire ready for Park Seo-joon and Uhm Jung-hwa’s chemistry here!

Here are a number of the sweet moments between Yoon Dong-ha and Ban Ji-yeon during a Witch’s Love:

Park Seo-joon & Hwang Jung-eum – She Was Pretty

park seo joon hwang jung eum

Next up is Park Seo-joon and Hwang Jung-eum in She Was Pretty! during this drama, Park Seo-joon was cast as Ji Sung-joon, and Hwang Jung-eum was cast as Kim Hye-jin.

Kim Hye-jin wont to be called a gorgeous girl before she clad differently, and her old friend was Ji Sung-joon. once they were still young, Ji Sung-joon was often bullied for being overweight, but Kim Hye-jin always defended him. once they met again as adults, everything had changed. Kim Hye-jin wasn’t as beautiful as she once was, and Ji Sung-joon had become a hit and a handsome guy.

When Ji Sung-joon asked Kim Hye-jin to satisfy, Kim Hye-jin asked her friend Min Ha-ri to pretend that she was Kim Hye-jin, and when they encounter came, Ji Sung-joon believed that it had been Kim Hye-jin, when, in truth, it wasn’t. But the reality finally came out! Ji Sung-joon finally knows the important Kim Hye-jin, and had been soft on together with her since they met in Ji Sung-joon’s office, because he adored her kind-hearted behavior!

The chemistry between Park Seo-joon and Hwang Jung-eum was felt real, moreover people became euphoric over Ji Sung-joon and Kim Hye-jin, who hid the reality about who she was.

Here are a number of the sweet moments between Moo Myung and Kim Ah-ro in She Was Pretty:

Park Seo-joon & Baek Jin-hee – I Summon You, Gold!

park seo joon

Next, we’ve Park Seo-joon and Baek Jin-hee within the series I Summon You, Gold! during this drama, Park Seo-joon played Park Hyun-tae and Baek Jin-hee played Jung Mong-hyun. although they weren’t really the most characters here, their chemistry was still excellent.

Park Hyun-tae was one amongst the son of an expensive man’s mistress and Baek Jin-hee was cast as Jung Mong-hee’s sister, Jung Mong-hyun. She was a relaxed, kind-hearted woman. because of her good attitude, she was was asked to marry Park Hyun-tae.

The chemistry between them also gained lots of attention, together with that of the most couple in I Summon You, Gold!. The way Jung Mon-hyun was came upon as a form and pure woman, and therefore the way Park Hyun-tae showed his sincerity towards her despite all of the issues that they need been through was enough to suck you in! Eventually, they got their own happily ever after!

Here are a number of the sweet moments between Moo Myung and Kim Ah-ro in I Summon You, Gold!:

Park Seo-joon & Go A-ra – Hwarang

park seo joon

We’re moving on to the historical drama from Park Seo-joon and Go A-ra, Hwarang! within the drama, Park Seo-joon was cast as Moo Myung, and Go A-ra was cast as Kim Ah-ro. The series was a historical-romance story about Moo Myung, who was helping his friend find his father, which eventually led him to an encounter with Kim Ah-ro.

Moo Myung was a farmer before he joined Hwarang as a fighter and protector, and Kim Ah-ro was a neighborhood physician who was also famously called a decent story-teller. Kim Ah-ro met Moo Myung unexpectedly, and, at that point, she thought Moo Myung was her real brother, since Moo Myung was in his disguise as Kim Ah-ro’s brother.

As time slipped, the 2 of them developed feeling towards one another, but Kim Ah-ro knew that it had been a forbidden feeling, since she thought that Moo Myung was her brother. When the reality came out, both Kim Ah-ro and Moo Myung revealed their feelings with such relief.

The way Park Seo-joon played his character as Moo Myung, who always taking care of Go A-ra as Kim Ah-ro, really engaged the audience! No wonder he received most praise from people for his appearance in Hwarang!

Here are a number of the sweet moments between Moo Myung and Kim Ah-ro in Hwarang:

Park Seo-joon & Kim Ji-won – Fight For My Way

fight for my way

Next, we’ve got the sweet chemistry between Park Seo-joon and Kim Ji-won in Fight For My Way! during this drama, Park Seo-joon played Ko Dong-man, an former tae kwon do athlete, and Kim Ji-won played Choi Ae-ra, a standard woman who dreams of becoming an announcer.

Ko Dong-man and Choi Ae-ra are known one another since they were children, and as adults, they still lived next to every other in their neighborhood. Their daily routine was stuffed with arguing and fighting, but at bottom they really cared for every other. Ko Dong-man was always taking care of Choi Ae-ra and Choi Ae-ra always supported him on every occasion.

Ko Dong-man was the primary one to point out his love towards Choi Ae-ra, and that they were knew that their love was real. The chemistry between Ko Dong-man and Choi Ae-ra was undeniable, since their childish side was a part of their love, as well. Park Seo-joon, together with his playful character, together with Kim Ji-won and her childish character as Choi Ae-ra were an adorable combination, right?

Here are a number of the sweet moments between Ko Dong-man and Choi Ae-ra in Fight For My Way:

Park Seo-joon & Park Min-young – What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?

park seo joon park min young

Last, but not least, we’ve Park Seo-joon and Park Min-young in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim! this can be can be the foremost adorable couple and have the foremost natural chemistry among all of the Park Seo-joon’s drama projects, right?

Park Seo-joon was cast as Lee Young-joon, a handsome, rich vice-director in his company. Park Min-young was cast as Kim Mi-so, Lee Young-joon’s personal secretary who has been working for him for pretty much nine years. Their working relationship was going well, until sooner or later Kim Mi-so asked her boss to just accept her resignation. And at the time, Lee Young-joon had recently realized that he couldn’t live without his secretary, and so slowly realized his feelings towards his secretary were love.

Kim Mi-so didn’t benefit of her boss’ feelings, she also loved him as purely as she could, and really took care of Lee Young-joon, even in his hardest times. They were total opposites, but somehow they completed one another, as well.

Even though Lee Young-joon assured himself that he could forgoing of Kim Mi-so, in spite of his appearance he planned plenty of unexpected ways to create her stay as his personal secretary. Both Park Seo-joon and Park Min-young brought their characters rather well, some people even thought that they’d move together as a true couple!

Here are a number of the sweet moments between Lee Young-joon and Kim Mi-so in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim:

That was all of the knowledge about Park Seo-joon and his chemistry with a number of his beautiful co-stars! regardless of who was the co-worker, Park Seo-joon still knew a way to amaze us together with his chemistry and his natural acting skills, right?

Xenews has introduced you Park Seo-joon and a few of his beautiful co-workers, and don’t forget to inform us who’s your favorite co-workers by leaving a comment down below!

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