Let’s check out these dramas from “Doctor Prisoner” to “Stranger”

From ‘Doctor Prisoner’ to ‘Stranger’, sequels of well-made dramas are coming

Interest within the new seasons of well-made dramas that may save the stagnant Korean drama market is rising. As these dramas have already built a large fandom with the success of the previous seasons, news of their comeback alone is predicted to breathe fresh air into the drama market, which is scuffling with 1 percent viewership.

1. Doctor Prisoner

First of all, KBS2’s Doctor Prisoner, starring Nam Goong Min, is preparing its second season. It recorded 15.8 percent viewership (based on Nilsen Korea) within the final episode with its unique setting of a medical drama set in prison. this is often the most effective record among all the dramas that have aired on KBS within the half of 2019. As Meow, the key Boy, which aired around the same time this year, recorded all-time low viewership of 0.8 percent within the history of terrestrial TV networks, the thirst of Doctor Prisoner is even greater.

KBS2’s Doctor Prisoner

The crisis is whether or not Nam Goong Min will participate in the sequel. Nam Goong Min showed impeccable performance as he played the role of Na Yi Je, a doctor with outstanding skills. a political candidate from Jidam, a production company of season 1, “There are many voices wanting the sequel as soon because the first season ended. the fundamental work of the assembly of season 2 has already been completed. Sooner or later, we are going to formalize the assembly schedule of the second season.”

2. Partners for Justice

MBC’s Partners for Justice

MBC’s Partners for Justice, which had finished its second season, also are flooded with requests to form season 3. Season 2, which aired last year, recorded 9.9 percent viewership, the simplest record set among dramas aired on MBC in 2019. Writer Min Ji Eun, who wrote both seasons, was well-received for presenting hot social issues, including drugs and harassment at offices that have stirred the complete nation at the time of the publication. Also, within the final episode of season 2, the most character, who were believed to possess been dead, reappeared, leaving a lingering impression and raising expectations for season 3.

3. A Piece of My Mind

tvN’s A Piece of My Mind

tvN, which has recently swallowed its pride as A Piece of My Mind was prevented by four episodes, is additionally seeking to rebound. Stranger, which was aired in 2017 and was praised as a “masterpiece,” will return with season 2. They need already started filming, and also the original cast, Cho Seung Woo and Bae Do Na, have joined all over again.

Signal, which may be called the start of writer Kim Eun Hee’s craze, will return with season 2. It’s been about four years since the primary season resulted in 2016. Since writer Kim Eun Hee has already expressed positive signals after receiving related questions in an interview about Kingdom, speculation is mounting that the sequel is produced in earnest as early because of the half of this year.

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