Let’s check Nam Joo-hyuk on Running Man!

Cover - Let's check Nam Joo-hyuk on Running Man!

Let’s check Nam Joo-hyuk on Running Man!  I believe you guys will be excited when seeing it! Get ready to see with Xenews!

General Information About Running Man

Running Man is one of the foremost popular shows in the Asian nations and was known for his or her ‘name tag ripping’ game. Almost everyone within the show business knew about Running Man and wished that they may make an appearance during this show. Nam Joo-hyuk was one among many actors who had the prospect to look in an episode. He appeared in 2015 when Running Man only had seven members, and now-former member Gary was still one among the fixed cast. What quite games did Nam Joo-hyuk waste the show?

Before that, let’s take a glance at Nam Joo-hyuk background for a brief while!

Nam Joo-hyuk’s Brief Profile

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Nam Joo-hyuk may be a model and actor from YG Entertainment. He first appeared on television by contact because the male lead in Akdong Musician’s “200%” music video. After catching the public’s attention along with his charm, he began to offers to look in dramas. His first drama was “The Idle Mermaid”, where he acted in one of the supporting roles, but by the subsequent year, he ought to play one among lead characters in “Who Are You: School 2015”, together with Kim So-hyun and BTOB’s Yook Sung-jae. His other works include “Cheese in the Trap”, “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo”, “The Bride of Habaek” and plenty of more.

Running Man Special Winter Episode

Nam Joo-hyuk was making his appearance within the Running Man special winter episode with the theme of ‘investigating the lifetime of male students’. He appeared with a bunch of actors including Hong Jong-hyun, Seo Kang-jun, Choi Tae-jun, and Seo Ha-jun. During this episode, all of them belonged in one group, ‘Junior Team’, with Running Man’s member Lee Kwang-soo as their leader, while the remainder of the fixed cast members were grouped together in ‘Senior Team’.

In this race, both teams are alleged to finish a range of missions so as to receive hints for answering the question during the ultimate mission. The ultimate mission required them to guess the quantity one answer from an inventory of ten answers for an issue associated with male students. At the opening, Running Man’s member Yoo Jae-suk asked ‘Junior Team’ an issue about whether any of them were dating or not immediately. Doltishly, Nam Joo-hyuk answered yes, and was teased by the Running Man members. Still flustered, he quickly changed his answer, saying that currently, he’s not in a relationship with someone.

Pic 2 - Let's check Nam Joo-hyuk on Running Man!While he’s caught off guard by this, his fellow team members were also trapped by the questions that Jae-suk asked, about when would they realize they were curious about someone. Seo Kang-jun answered that he’d realized when he saw the girl he likes to smile, and he questioned himself about it. His response immediately got him teased for a brief while before they moved to Seo Ha-jun, who answered when the girl he likes gave off a maternal vibe. This answer too immediately got wild responses from Running Man members. They even made Seo Ha-jun admit that he prefers older women which he dated in the past. But once they asked Choi Tae-jun, it seems that his answer was, after all, the quantity one answer to the question.

After the intermezzo, the Running Man PD gave them the question they’d to unravel for the ultimate mission. The question was about the foremost difficult moment when crushing on someone. For this question, they got multiple choices for answers, and that they could get hints about the proper answer if they managed to win the games before reaching the ultimate point.

Missions, Hints, and Winner

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Before the ultimate mission, both teams should complete two other missions first. While visiting where the mission was located, Kwang-soo was asking about his teammates’ opinions associated with the ultimate question. This discussion ended up with them sharing their own experiences in having a crush. In Nam Joo-hyuk’s case, he said he was accustomed to having a crush on his friend for 3 years, but later Kwang-soo snapped at him after looking for that it absolutely was when he was in third grade. He defended himself, saying that it had been a really serious crash which is discovered within the end. After arriving at the placement for the primary mission, ‘Senior Team’ brought the matter up again, and Joo-hyuk ought to share his experience with the opposite members of Running Man. He added that his relationship along with his three-year crush only lasted for 50 days because the girl dumped him.

After talking for ages, the primary mission started. The mission was located at an athletic facility, and that they should push one another off a mat. The team with the foremost members remaining on the mat would win and obtain hints for the ultimate question’s answer. Unfortunately, ‘Junior Team’ couldn’t win, because Kim Jong-kook’s strength overpowered them. For the winning team, they have to be compelled to ask a gaggle of female students about the ultimate question while the losing team had to ask a bunch of women in their 30s.

Pic 4 - Let's check Nam Joo-hyuk on Running Man!Next, both teams moved to Suwon Lake Park for the following mission. This time, they did a relay that was divided into six parts and therefore the final runner had to complete the given mission. The winner of the race won to win the mission and got the advantage to win the hints easier. similar to the sooner mission, ‘Senior Team’ won. Miraculously, while trying to seek out hints, Kwang-soo managed to search out the one special clue that allowed their team to induce one correct answer.

After finishing the second mission, the teams moved to the ultimate mission’s location, while discussing what the proper answer would be for the ultimate question. After arriving, they received their instructions for the ultimate challenge. The last task was to search out the ball with the correct answer written in it and dunk it into a hoop to win.

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As soon as they started, Joo-hyuk managed to search out one in every of the hidden beach balls. Later, within the middle of the sport, Joo-hyuk showed his mischievous side by trying to urge Kwang-soo to dunk a ball with the incorrect answer written in it. Kwang-soo didn’t take the bait, though, and type manipulated his teammates to create someone from another team dunks it instead. In the end, Gary was forced to dunk it and ousted because it had the incorrect answer.

Towards the tip of the mission, Joo-hyuk found another ball. Seeing this, the ‘Senior Team’ members began to chase him. Their antics made him hurry to search out the closest goalpost and dunk the ball, but it seems that it didn’t have the proper answer. Just then, the members realized that Jong-hyun had the ball with the proper answer and began to go looking for him. once they found him, he’d already dunked the ball he carried. Confetti began to shower on the members, signaling that Jong-hyun’s ball had the proper answer. ‘Junior Team’ won, and every one of the team members got a gold ring as a prize.

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