Let’s check meaning of Hyorin’s tattoos

The real meaning behind Hyorin’s tattoos. That will make you surprise about these!

As an entertainer, how you look matters a lot when you’re performing before of people. People within the show business use all styles of ways to boost their looks, including beauty treatments, botox, diet, and exercise, or perhaps making more dramatic changes with cosmetic surgery.

These days, lots of Korean entertainers, especially K-pop idols, are becoming tattoos. Some samples of idols who’ve gotten some ink include BIGBANG’s Taeyang & G-Dragon, Jay Park, WINNER’s Mino, BLOCK B’s Zico and therefore the female celebrities came from SNSD’s Tiffany & Taeyeon, ex-4 Minute’s Hyuna, F(X)’s Amber and ex-SISTAR’s Hyorin.

Even though tattoos are literally illegal in South Korea, these K-Pop idols could still add show biz and acquire support from their fans.

In this article, we’re visiting to discuss the meaning of the ex-SISTAR member Hyorin‘s tattoo. Read on to search out the total information, below!

SISTAR’s comeback with Hyorin’s new look!

As reported by the Korea Herald on July 22nd, 2014, Hyorin was sporting a brand new look in SISTAR’s newest music video, Touch My Body.

During the showcase event for SISTAR’s comeback with the album titled “Touch & Move”, the lead vocal of the group, Hyorin, revealed the rationale behind a tattoo she had placed on her abdomen.

Hyorin has been known for her strong vocals, which may melt anyone’s heart after they hear her sing. The vocalist, who sang for drama OST Master’s Sun Part 3, explained that she got the tattoo to hide a giant scar on her belly that always disturbed her whenever she tried to wear pretty clothes. The scar was always visible whenever she had to wear a crop top or dress, and also the cross tattoo covers the scar so it isn’t visible when she wears those kinds of clothes anymore.

The singer chose the cross, one in every one of the first symbols of Christianity, both as regard to religion and to remind her to place her passion into her music.

Why does Hyorin have a scar on her stomach?

The singer, who is now functioning on a solo career since SISTAR disbanded, and on creating her own agency; bridʒ (read: Bridge), was actually diagnosed with congenital biliary atresia. The condition is usually seen in newborns, and it slowly melts the extrahepatic duct. The condition is fatal if it doesn’t get treated before a toddler reaches the age of two.

Because of several surgeries, she had to treat the condition, had to suffer from the scars on her stomach, and staying removed from the natatorium and bathhouses.

How Hyorin felt after being diagnosed with a disease

On August 8th, 2018, Hyorin appeared as a guest on an episode of “Life Bar”, aired on tvN.

The singer, who sang for the OST dramaYou Who Came From The Star, talked about her worries and insecurities that followed her diagnosis of congenital biliary atresia back when she was still very young. She had to undergo a variety of surgeries during her treatment, which left her with an unsightly scar.

During the interview session with the MC, She said she’d considered getting a tattoo for a protracted time, and has become more optimistic after getting it also improved her appearance. Hyorin expressed her feelings after she got her tattoo done, saying she hoped she may be a plan for anyone else who contains a scar on their body to embrace their flaws and to encourage them to stay up to their spirits.

More Tattoos…?

After gathering information from Hyorin’s fansite, we found that Hyorin has other tattoos than simply the cross on her stomach, which are largely on public display and provides her a fierce look.

Right Arm

Hyorin contains a tattoo on her right arm with the Greek letters ΙΧΘΥΣ (read: ichthus) with the fish which was adopted as a logo of the Nazarene, Son of God, Saviour.

She has another cross tattoo on her right wrist, but this one is smaller and an easier design than the one on her stomach.

Lower Back

Hyorin exposed the tattoo at the little of her back on her Instagram profile, which one is ‘Jesus Christ’, written in calligraphy.

Left Arm

On her left arm, she has Joshua 1:9, which refers to a bible verse that says: ‘Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. don’t be afraid; don’t be discouraged, for the Lord your God are with you wherever you go.’

On the front side of her left arm, she also features a tattoo that claims ‘daughter of jesus ♫’ in an Italic font, with a musical single bar note at the top.

Left Leg

Hyorin has one tattoo on her left leg, that claims Pray Continually, which is meant to be words to encourage someone to stay praying through the nice times and bad times.

Now you have got all the knowledge about Hyorin’s tattoos and their meanings. They’re all references to her faith and spirituality.

Let’s hope that Hyorin will have success within the future together with her career, as a result of all the toil she does.

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