Let’s check Lee Kwang Soo net worth 2021 with us!

Lee Kwang Soo net worth 2021: How much money does former ‘Running Man’ host earn

Lee Kwang Soo is indeed one of the foremost influential TV personalities in Korea. other than his model-worthy height, the male celebrity is additionally everywhere as he’s in demand within the show biz – may or not it’s for drama, film, or variety programs.

Lee Kwang Soo showcases his comical skills to thousands of fans local and overseas; Hence, he’s dubbed because the “Prince of Asia”

Lee Kwang Soo Net Worth 2021

Aside from TV appearances, Lee Kwang Soo has been into modeling and various brand advertisements. he’s known for his ambitious and humble personality. Through his years of being within the entertainment industry, Lee Kwang Soo had gained the trust of the people when it involves entertainment.

Apart from his good personality, there isn’t any doubt he can earn plenty of money his projects. Rumor has it that he came from wealthy family, but it’s safe to mention that he’s well-off and mega-popular in his claim.

According to celebrity net worth, Lee Kwang Soo net worth is estimated $2.5 million (almost 2 billion KRW).

An established artist in Republic of Korea today, the “It’s Okay That’s Love” actually started with a talent fee of $666 (800,000 KRW). because of his diligence and keenness for his craft – which he had been doing for nearly half a decade – his talent fee has increased to $166,400 (200 million KRW).

Lee Kwang Soo to possibly make his small-screen return after 3 years

Following his departure from “Running Man,” Lee Kwang Soo is now in discussions to own his drama return.

On June 29, his agency King Kong by Starship, announced, “Lee Kwang Soo is currently in talks to star within the drama ‘Murderer’s Shopping List’ and he’s positively reviewing the offer.”

If the host-actor accepts the project, it’ll mark as his first drama after three years. Lee Kwang Soo is obtainable to play the role of Ahn Dae Sung, a supermarket cashier that has a very detailed memory and has the flexibility to evaluate people by just observing them.

“Murderer’s Shopping List” relies on a completely unique penned by Kang Ji Young. The drama will depict the story of assorted crimes and dangerous situations which will happen in society, specifically within a standard neighborhood.

Lee Kwang Soo is additionally making his big-screen comeback on August 11 with a brand new disaster-comedy film, “Sinkhole.”

Even though he parted ways with “Running Man,” Lee Kwang Soo is consistent in receiving various projects, proving his influence as an artist.

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