Let’s check Kang Sora’s dating rumors and who is her husband?

7 Kang Sora’s dating rumors before officially getting married, there are Hyun Bin and Leeteuk. Learn more about the details below!

Kang Sora announced that she’s going to soon be getting married on August 29. The South Korean actress will marry a non-celebrity man. Through uploading it on an internet page Bling Bling, Kang Sora claimed to own found an honest man in her idol.

Before officially releasing her single period, Kang Sora’s dating rumors with the boys are below. They’re her co-stars in dramas, her partners on variety shows, and real boyfriends in reality. Who are they?

1. Jinwoon (Dream High)

jinwoo kang sora

Jinwoon and Kang Sora were schoolmates at Dream High 2 (2012). the 2 of them are close friends at Kirin lyceum. Dreaming of becoming a singer, Kang Sora auditioned but was rejected because her voice was faltering. Not forsaking, Kang Sora wanted to undertake writing song lyrics, while the music was composed by Jinwoon.

2. Im Joo Hwan (Ugly Alert)

ugly alert

Kang Sora also had an affair along with his own subordinates within the drama Ugly Alert (2013). he’s Im Joo Hwan who works at the style company owned by the Kang Sora family.

This drama tells the story of a person (Im Joo Hwan) who was once imprisoned for the murder of his sibling, and a girl (Kang Sora) who inherits a fashion company owned by her family.

3. Lee Jong Suk (Doctor Stranger)

lee jong suk kang sora

Hmm, Kang Sora’s love for Lee Jong Suk is unrequited because Lee Jong Suk actually features a girlfriend who lives in North Korea. However, Kang Sora, who may be a doctor and child director of the hospital, was given false hopes by Lee Jong Suk. they’re intimate but not dating. It hurts right?

4. Park Hae Jin (Doctor Stranger)

doctor strange

If Kang Sora’s love for Lee Jong Suk is unrequited, it’s different with Park Hae Jin. They both are the second lead couple which is harmonious, especially when Park Hae Jin has such authority here. It’s really suitable for Kang Sora.

5. Choi Siwon (Revolutionary Love)

kang sora choi siwon

Mother’s favorite handsome idol has also been Kang Sora’s lover Revolutionary Love (2017). Choi Siwon is that the heir to the throne who lives in a very small apartment and is Kang Sora’s neighbor.

This drama is crammed with romantic scenes by Choi Siwon and Kang Sora. One in all them after they accidentally met and sat side by side on the plane. Siwon is extremely happy to be able to meet Kang Sora again.

6. Leeteuk (We Got Married)

kang sora lee teuk

Leader Super Junior was once Kang Sora’s partner in We Got Married. they’re so romantic sort of a real couple that fans hope they’ll be getting in the important world. Leeteuk makes them annoyed especially once they learn to bop like they’re shy.

7. Hyun Bin

kang sora hyunbin

Hyun Bin is Kang Sora’s real ex-boyfriend. they need never been involved in a very single project, but suddenly there’s dating news released by the agency. The news of Hyun Bin and Kang Sora’s dating was confirmed in December 2016 but ran aground at the tip of 2017 thanks to their respective busyness.

Now, Kang Sora is near to leaving behind his bachelorette. We wish the most effective for Kang Sora and therefore the men who were once her lovers, yes!

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