Let’s check information about Park Gyo Young in “Sweet Home”

“Sweet Home” Park Gyu Young says she didn’t expect such hot reactions to her romance with Kim Nam Hee

After showing solid performances in “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”, Park Gyu Young made back-to-back hits with Sweet Home. Playing the brave and easy-going Yoon Ji Soo, she received much love for her impressive performance as she goes up against monsters and her chemistry with Kim Nam Hee.

Park confessed that she is really a follower of the initial webtoon.

“The undeniable fact that it’s not almost monsters and zombies but about humans’ desires materializing into monsters was quite interesting. All monsters had different appearances, and there was this really scary tension, and everyone this stuff made up a dun webtoon. and that I actually thought that Ji Soo was really cool.”

Therefore, she did her best in preparing for the role.

“Because she could be a bassist, I assumed it’d be nice to own a robust individuality in my appearance. Though she looks tough, I wanted to specific her as someone who has this tenderness and scars in spite of appearance. So I paid a large amount of attention to my appearance and emotions.”

Park learned to play bass and visited action school.

“I’ve never played the guitar, but it’s an instrument that Ji Soo spent such an extended time with, so I wanted to play well. So I took lessons for about 3 months. Also, I’ve never played baseball before, but Ji Soo’s main weapon could be baseball equipment, so I wanted to be acquainted with it. I practiced hitting balls with screen baseball, and that I also got lots of guidance from action school.”

You chose your favorite scene because of the scene where you appear as you play the bass.

“I wanted to play the complete song. I didn’t want to try and do hand sync, so I practiced my ass off. I’m actually playing in this scene.”

We must mention Kim Nam Hee.

“I spent the foremost time with Kim Nam Hee. I never expected our romance to receive this much attention. We talked plenty about the way to portray our relationship. I’m glad that folks are liking it. Ji Soo and Jae Heon’s romance isn’t like ‘Oh, I really like you so damn much,’ but actually, a camaraderie developing into romance. they merely became a component of every other after always sticking together. We thought that if we will pinpoint that, we might be expressing what’s needed.”

Park described Sweet Home as her turning point.

“After meeting director Lee Eung Bok, I reflected plenty on myself and learned a way to treat the script and therefore the character. That became a turning point in my acting career. there have been such a lot of things I learned from just being on the set. Also, the love that I’m receiving is just like the turning point of my life.”

After Sweet Home was released, your social media follower went from 600,000 to 900,000.

“It’s amazing. I’m getting lots of messages. And I’m just grateful. It’s also fun to read those messages. I wanted Ji Soo would have the girl crush charm and appear sort of a really cool girl. I used to be a small amount worried that I didn’t do enough, but I’m happy that folks are showing their love.”

What is her goal for this year? Park answered, “I didn’t set a selected goal. I just live my fullest every hour, daily, and each month. If I stomach that in mind, then there’s no regret at the top of the year. I hope this year is a gathering of such days.”

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