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All about Lee Yoo Ri and her family: Husband, wedding ceremony, and child

A Short Biography of Lee Yoo-ri

Korean actress and businesswoman Lee Yoo-ri was born on January 28, 1980, because the youngest in an exceedingly family of 6. She has an older brother and two older sisters. She made her first on-screen appearance in 2000, playing a tiny low role within the drama series Hur Jun. However, she made her official debut in 2001. From then, her popularity increased together with her taking the role of Ahn Seong Mi, within the family drama titled Precious Family in 2004.

After having a protracted journey in her acting career and always getting small roles in dramas, then in 2011 she finally gets her break, by being credited and acknowledged for her wonderful acting because the antagonist within the drama Twinkle Twinkle. Then in 2014, she appeared on the screen again, within the drama Jang Bo Ri is Here! Lee Yoo-ri managed to win the highest award for her acting as a poor girl since birth, who is willing to try to do anything to become an upscale person. It clothed to be the foremost successful year of her acting career.

The same year, she won the Grand Prize on the MBC Drama Awards by getting 385.434 (about 54%) out of 712.300 votes that were sent by the viewers. Lee Yoo-ri was also ranked among the highest five Gallup Korea “Actor of The Year” and climbed up to the second position, just behind Kim Soo-hyun.

2017 was another highly eventful and successful year for Lee Yoo-ri, as she was cast to play the leading role within the family drama Father is Strange. And it absolutely was her acting during this drama that won her the “Actress of The Year” and “Brand of The Year” awards. the identical year, Lee Yoo-ri gets to play Min Chae Rin within the drama titled Hide and Seek, the drama remains airing now, so don’t forget to look at it yeorobun (everybody)!

Lee Yoo-ri’s Husband, who is he?

Lee Yoo-ri’s husband has been revealed to be Jo Kye-hyun, a missionary theologist. the 2 started dating in 2009, after meeting one another during Bible studies in 2008. From then, the 2 started getting closer step by step.

In September 2010, Lee Yoo-ri and Jo Kye-hyun decided to tie the knot and held a personal bridal ceremony at the EL Tower in Seoul, Republic of Korea. the marriage ceremony passed off on a Monday evening and was only attended by the family, relatives, and shut friends including some actors, like Lee Soon-jae, Kim Soo-mi, Hong Soo-young, and comedienne Lee Kyung-shil.

Lee Yoo Ri said excitedly, “My soon-to-be husband looked surprised while saying I looked very pretty,” during the news conference that was held preceding the nuptials. “I think I’ve got finally found the proper love. I’m a small amount nervous but I’m also happy so I keep smiling,” Lee Yoo-ri continued. She also expressed her love for the groom, ” I’m sure we’ll live well together because you’re such a form person. Let’s live a contented life together. I really like you!” she said.

After the marriage, she reportedly moved to the US where her husband lives, and also to enjoy their well-deserved honeymoon there.

Does Lee Yoo-ri Have a Child?

According to a report from 2014, Lee Yoo-ri has been said to be pregnant for four months. Multiple sources had reported that she is thanks to giving birth in November the identical year and is functioning and preparing on caring for the upcoming baby.

There isn’t any further news and knowledge regarding Lee Yoo-ri and Jo Kye-hyun’s children since both of them keep their lives private. Let’s just respect their privacy and wait until they themselves reveal the kid publicly within the future!

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