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Let’s check information about Chae-yeon, the talented member of DIA

She’s looking different from her pre-debut photos, what’s the secret behind DIA’s Chaeyeon’s pretty face and body?

Do you know Chae-yeon, a member of 1 of the highly regarded Republic of Korean girl groups, DIA? The girl who has the nickname Ending Fairy contains a real name Jung Chae-yeon (정채연) and was born in Suncheon, South Korea, on December 1st, 1997.

The girl who lived in Anyang City, South Korea, is additionally called one among the active members of DIA who also has her own solo activities except for the group’s schedules. Chae-yeon was a contestant in an exceedingly famous survival show, Produce 101 (2016), aired on Mnet. Chae-yeon ranked at the 7th position within the final episode and debuted with the opposite winners in an exceeding group named I.O.I.

Apart from that, her solo career visited another level as she also established a career as an actress, participating in the romantic fantasy drama, Reunited Worlds (2017) aired on SBS, I Am… (2017) aired on Naver TV Cast, Marry Me Now (2018) aired on KBS2, and plenty of more. Chae-yeon also became one among SBS’ Inkigayo MCs with actor Song Kang and Seventeen’s Mingyu.

DIA’s Chae-yeon called the 2nd Bae Suzy has made her fans really concerned about her appearance, especially when it comes from Chae-yeon’s weight and her body proportions that keep changing from time to time. Well, let’s prepare to test out Chae-yeon’s transformations, ranging from her looks and weight loss within the article below!

Before & After Photos

Many K-Pop fans know that Jung Chae-yeon incorporates a beautiful face and a princess-like appearance. The actress, who was known to be one of all the scholars of the Seoul School of humanities, includes a natural beauty since she was born.

Some photos of Chae-yeon from before her debut are leaked online, but she looks as beautiful then, as she does now. Let’s try DIA’s Chae-yeon’s pre-debut photos below!

This picture was taken when DIA’s Chae-yeon was still in lycee school. Does one recognize her at this age?

The picture above was taken when DIA’s Chae-yeon was in her grammar school days. observe how cute she is with chubby cheeks!

DIA’s Chae-yeon together with her schoolmates in Seoul School of Performing Arts.

The photos below are recent ones showing the foremost recent appearance of DIA’s Chae-yeon. She’s still looking as adorable as ever and her beauty has improved to a different level after debuting along with her group, DIA.

Plastic Surgery Accusation

As reported from KpopMap, DIA’s Chae-yeon once explained that her appearance has changed as a result of her occurring a harsh diet which made her change state and also affected her appearance.

DIA’s Chae-yeon’s pre-debut looks and her present appearance seem to be quite different. A member of DIA who incorporates a zodiac sign like Sagittarius, herself, said that she hasn’t done any cosmetic surgery when she talked about her past and she or he only mentioned that she went on a diet until she got the proper look that she was after.

Some of her fans respected the explanation behind the wonderful appearance of Chae-yeon when she only did the diet to urge the right look of an idol, but a number of her fans were also curious whether she has done cosmetic surgery or not. There are fans who are suspicious of how different she looks from the pre-debut era hitherto that she might need done cosmetic surgery.

Well, ever since the pre-debut photos of DIA’s Chae-yeon have surfaced people seem very interested in her appearance since the difference between her previous look is absolutely obvious. Soon after, DIA’s Chae-yeon’s friend revealed an image of the idol to the general public as she was undergoing recovery from cosmetic surgery on her nose and double eyelid.

The pictures below proved that the member of I.O.I, Chae-yeon, did a double eyelid surgery and he or she also fixed her nose shape into a far better look.

What does one give some thought to DIA’s Chae-yeon accusation of her nose and double eyelid surgery?

Take a more in-depth look at DIA’s Chae-yeon performance on Produce 101 while performing Girls’ Generation’s “Into The New World” below!

On July 12th, 2016, DIA’s Chae-yeon appeared as a guest on MBC’s Everyone’s Video Star, and she or he was mentioned about her previous look before she debuted.

One of the MCs, Kim Sook, revealed a childhood photo of DIA’s Chae-yeon and therefore the guests were surprised by her appearance now. The member of DIA who took part because the 2nd visual of the group shyly answered that she was fat back when she was still a baby.

“I was 64 kg (~ 141 lbs), and now I’m 48-49 kg (~ 106-108 lbs).” – DIA’s Chae-yeon

The MCs began to become suspicious whether she had double eyelid surgery and he or she confessed about the surgery that she went on her nose. DIA’s Chae-yeon also mentioned that the double eyelid naturally came out when she was in secondary school.

As you’ll see from how the MC reacted to DIA’s Chae-yeon’s pre-debut photos, it absolutely was seen that she includes a different look from her childhood pictures. But now, Chae-yeon features a more beautiful appearance as an idol and visual of the group.

Diet and Weight Loss

In October 2016, DIA’s Chae-yeon explained her diet method and weight loss in an exceeding photo be after International BNT magazine. Chae-yeon revealed how she lost weight, namely 16 kg in 3 months, as her previous weight was 64 kg.

“I only ate soft tofu and soy milk for my diet menu and if I wanted to eat more, I’d eat cherry tomatoes. As far as exercise is anxious, I did dance practice to assist me slim down.” – DIA’s Chae-yeon

“I became unhealthy since I’ve got to figure and eat for a tiny low amount. I also took supplements and vitamins so I don’t pass out that easily.” – DIA’s Chae-yeon

In December 2016, Chae-yeon’s weight loss became a subject as she had been warned by her agency to achieve some weight. The member of DIA, Chae-yeon, lost 16 kg in total after her weight dropped to 47 kg and he or she looks even skinnier by now.

Chae-yeon, who was a member of DIA that reached the highest 2nd visual of the group, said that her agency has told her to melt off and now they tell her to eat more because her face has lost an excessive amount of fat.

“I lost most weight at one point that I need to 47 kg once I had a busy schedule.” – DIA’s Chae-yeon

Chae-yeon must be confused by her agency’s request to slim down, then after successfully doing so by dieting to again gain weight. But then, Chae-yeon’s insecurity about her weight could clearly be seen in one of the episodes of Eat Sleep Eat.

“I’ve gained 1.5 kg (~3.3 lbs) in two days since Baek Jong-won sunbaenim fed me so well.” – DIA’s Chae-yeon

Chae-yeon was seen going around her room as she visited try her weight. during this reality show, Chae-yeon had an opportunity to eat well and even ended up eating a 3rd meal within the day. The result as she stepped to the load scale made herself freak out and disbelief at how she easily gained weight in precisely 2 days.

In one episode of FashionN’s Follow Me 8, Chae-yeon revealed that she needs to maintain her slim figure and her agency got her weight checked regularly.

“I have a weight limit that has been measured by the agency and if I went over the limit, I purchase scolded by them. If the agency said that I should slim down and that I will just say ‘Okay.’” – DIA’s Chae-yeon

Chae-yeon also gave the viewers a tour inside her dorm and identified the scales within the kitchen that made the audience surprised at how she measured her thighs employing a measuring system when she was on a diet.

On another occasion, DIA’s Chae-yeon appeared as a guest in Empty the Convenience Store and he or she talked about the burden limits the agency has assaulted her.

“The CEO of my agency includes a famous quote about the weight that it shouldn’t start with ‘5’. it’s to stay about 40 kg.” – DIA’s Chae-yeon

Seeing how strict the agency rule is, the MCs were even shocked by Chae-yeon’s statement that she needs to weigh below 50 kg or 110 pounds to suit the burden limit that has been founded by the CEO of MBK Entertainment.

“I lost weight by starving myself and it went from 64 kg to 49 kg (~ 141 to 108 lbs) back after I was a trainee. I don’t want to induce kicked out from the agency so I wanted to lose more. at the moment day, I only eat salad and fruit.” – DIA’s Chae-yeon

It is quite harsh for an idol to keep up a perfect weight as they need to seem perfect and exquisite whenever they perform on stage. Even Chae-yeon has mentioned that she went through a tough time by starving herself to slenderize. this is often one in every one of the intense diets that idols are prying but if you would like to thin, you ought to try another, healthier diet plan.

Chae-yeon Now

The member of DIA and that i.O.I, Chae-yeon, has been really struggling to induce the best body shape which is why went on a diet.

What makes the fans relieved about her current condition immediately is because she is healthy and doing many solo activities beside promoting with the group. Chae-yeon looks really beautiful along with her ideal weight by now.

Check out DIA’s Chae-yeon’s current look below!

Well, that was all for the knowledge about DIA’s Chae-yeon’s transformation from her weight loss and appearance that made her a bit different but she was naturally born pretty! does one agree? Let’s hope for all the most effective in DIA’s Chae-yeon’s career within the future and that she will be able to be more confident about her appearance!

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