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Wondering who is that this beautiful girl? The girl who appeared in Suspicious Partner, she is Park Ji-hyun. Park Ji-hyun may be a popular actress from South Korea. She could be a very talented lassie within the K-Pop industry. Many folks adore her thanks to her beautiful face and her healthy skin but today Xenews will provide you with all the knowledge about her, and every one of that may surely make her one in all your favorite K-Pop idols. So, what are you looking ahead to – just keep scrolling down and skim all you wish to find out more about her.

Full Profile Of Park Ji-hyun

Full profile of Park Ji-hyun

  • Stage Name: Ji-Hyun (지현)
  • Birth Name: Nam Ji-hyun (남지현)
  • Date of Birth: September 17th, 1995
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Birthplace: Incheon, Republic of Korea
  • Height: 162 cm (5’3″)
  • Weight: N/A
  • Blood Type: B
  • Hobbies: N/A

Park Ji Hyun could be a South Korean actress. She studied at Hankuk University of Foreign studies. She joined the agency Namoo Actors in 2016. And now, we are visiting share with you all the facts about Park Ji-hyun.

Park Ji-hyun’s facts:

  • She was born in Incheon, South Korea.
  • She has appeared in dramas like East of Eden (2008), What Happens to My Family (2014), Shopping King Louie (2016), Suspicious Partner (2017).
  • She appeared in Block B’s Taeil – Shaking Music Video
  • Ji-hyun’s ideal type: She said someone like Noh Ji-wook (a character played by Ji Chang-wook in Suspicious Partner) is near her ideal type.

The Filmography Of Park Ji-hyun


Shadowless Sword | Young Soha (2005)

Mapado 2: Back to the Island | Girl within the past (2007)

A Reason to measure | Ji-Min (2011)

Hwayi: A Monster Boy | Yoo-Kyung (2013)

The Map Against the globe | Soon-sil (2016)

My Captain Mr. Underground | Park Ji-min (2006)

If You Were Me 4 | Park Jin-ju (2009)

Astro Boy | Cora (2009)

Happy Ulleung Man | Documentary narrator (2010)

Family Plan | Ji-Min (2010

The Tunnel | Mina (2016)

Television Dramas Of Park Ji-hyun

Say you like Me | Young Seo Young-chae (2004/MBC)

My Love | Kim Min (2006/SBS)

My Love Clementine | Jang Ba-da (2006/SBS)

Lobbyist | Young Yoo So-young (Maria) (2007/SBS)

The Great King, Sejong | Young Princess Shim (2008/KBS1)

Our Happy Ending | Kang Mi-na (2008/MBC)

East of Eden | Young Kim Ji-hyun (2008/MBC)

Queen Seondeok | Young Princess Deokman (2009/MBC

Will It Snow for Christmas? | Young Han Ji-wan (2009/SBS)

Giant | Young Hwang Jung-yeon (2010/SBS)

It’s Me, Grandmother | Park Eun-ha (2010/MBC)

Warrior Baek Dong-soo | Young Yoo Ji-sun (2011/SBS)

Drama Special: Girl Detective, Park Hae-sol | Park Hae-sol (2012/KBS2)

Can’t Live Without You | Eun-deok (2012.MBC)

To the gorgeous You | Hong Da-hae (2012/SBS)

Angel Eyes | Young Yoon Soo-wan (2014/SBS)

What Happens to My Family? | Kang Seo-wool (2014/KBS2)

Late Night Restaurant | Hye-ri (guest, episode 7) (2015/SBS)

Mystery Freshman | Oh Ah-yeong (2016/SBS)

Shopaholic Louis | Ko Bok-shil (2016/MBC)

Suspicious Partner | Eun Bong-hee (2017/SBS)

100 Days My Prince | Hong-sim (2018/tvN)


Best Young Actress (“My Love”) – SBS Drama Awards (2006)

Best Young Actress (“Lobbyist”) – SBS Drama Awards (2007)

Best Young Actress (“East of Eden”) – SBS Drama Awards (2008)

Best Young Actress (“Queen Seondeok”) – SBS Drama Awards (2009)

Best New Actress (“A Reason to Live”) – 21st Buil Film Awards (2012)

Best Young Actress (“Girl Detective, Park Hae-sol”) – KBS Drama Awards (2012)

Best New Actress (“Hwayi: A Monster Boy”) – 34th Blue Dragon Film Awards (2013)

Best New Actress (“What Happens to My Family?”) – KBS Drama Awards (2014)

Best Couple Award with Park Hyung-sik (“What Happens to My Family?”) – KBS Drama Awards (2014)

Best New Actress (TV) (“What Happens to My Family?”) – 51st Baeksang Arts Awards (2015)

Best Entertainer Award, Actress (“Shopaholic Louis”) – 1st Asia Artist Awards (2016)

Best New Actress (“Shopaholic Louis”) – MBC Drama Awards (2016)

Excellence Award, Actress in an exceedingly Miniseries (“Shopaholic Louis”) – MBC Drama Awards (2016)

Best Couple Award with Seo In-guk (“Shopaholic Louis”) – MBC Drama Awards (2016)

Excellence Award, Actress (Drama) (“Suspicious Partner”) – Korea Drama Awards (2017)

Excellence Award, Actress during a Wednesday-Thursday Drama (“Suspicious Partner”) – 25th

SBS Drama Awards (2017)

Best Couple Award with Ji Chang-wook (“Suspicious Partner”) – 25th SBS Drama Awards (2017)

Latest News Of Park Ji-hyun

So, for now, there’s no big news about her. But if we discover out something new about her we’ll immediately share with you all the data about her. and he or she enjoys her life at once together with her family and preparing for her next project within the future. allow us to see about her standard of living from her Instagram because she likes to share her life together with her fans on Instagram. Here it is!


That’s all you guys must fathom Park Ji-hyun. If we learn the news about her soon we’ll provide you with all the data in no time the least bit. Wondering about all of your K-Pop idols and what’s happening within the K-Pop industry? Well, just stay tuned on Xenews, because we bring all the most recent information to you guys about all of your favorite idols. So guys, don’t forget to kindly write down your comment within the section below or if you have got some idea what or who you would like to examine, just write it too because we might like to hear your thoughts. okay guys, see you soon within the next article.

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