Let’s check Girls’ Day career after disband

9 years in the K-Pop industry, what happened to Girl’s Day?

Girl’s Day is one in all the foremost popular Korean girl groups since the start of 2010. Girl’s Day was formed by Dream T Entertainment in 2010. Before disbandment, Girl’s Day consisted of 4 members: Park So-jin, Bang Min-ah, Kim Yura, and Lee Hye-ri. Former members, Jisun and Jiin left in 2010 while Jihae left in 2012.

Girl’s Day’s popularity earned them endorsement from over 20 brands. Lee Hye-ri, ranked 3rd within the 2016 Forbes Korea Power Celebrity. She appeared because of the main leading role within the TV drama Reply 1988.

In this article, Xenews will provide you with a rundown of everything about Girl’s Day, their top song, disbandment and former members’ recent activity. So, stay tuned!

The Female President of K-Pop

Expectation is that the first studio album of Girl’s Day. A repackage version included one titled “Female President” was released on June 24th, 2013. “Female President” reached the No. 5 position in Korea and therefore the No. 7 within the US world music chart. the one managed to sell quite 800.000 copies.

“Female President” encouraged women to precise their feelings instead of watch for men to specific their feelings for a girl. Women should gather their courage to precise their feelings if they require to be with their crush.

I’ll Be Yours

The MV is a couple of confident women who shows their sexiness to induce love confession from every man. the one features a retro feel but the bass line gives it a contemporary feel. I’ll be yours was released on July 7th, 2017, with an album titled Girl’s Day Everyday 5. “I’ll Be Yours” reached the No. 3 position in Korean music charts and sold a bit over 400.000 copies.

Ring My Bell

“Ring My Bell” was released in 2015 and reached the No. 2 position in Korean music charts and also the No. 25 position within the US World music chart. The only was included in Girl’s Day’s second full album titled Love. The album was released on July 7th, 2015, and also the single “Ring My Bell” sold 883.481 copies.

“Ring My Bell” starts with a harmonica sound and is followed by cute and playful dance of every member. “Ring My Bell” encompasses a strong dance beat, easy to memorize melody. The MV tells a story a few girls who meets her crush and almost can’t stand her beating heart.


“Something” was released on January 3rd, 2014. the only was included in Girl’s Day’s mini-album Everyday 3. “Something” reached the No. 2 position within the Korean music chart and therefore the No. 9 within the US World music chart. it’s one of the foremost popular Girl’s Day singles which sold 1.429.172 copies.

The MV tells a couple of women sorting out her man was flirting with another woman. This single is a couple of women who loves a person and their subtle feelings. the only relies on electronic rhythm with hip-hip groove and acoustic instrument which show Girl’s Day’s members’ excellent voices.

How Are The Members Now?

Girl’s Day disbanded on January 11th, 2019. After their disbandment, all members decided to pursue another career path, either as a TV personality or as an actress. Let’s check all members’ recent activities.

Park So-jin

After leaving Girl’s Day, Park So-jin found another career path as an actress. She was cast because of the leading female role in Recipe for Happiness. The movie tells a story a few public service officer who lives a bland life with none time for a loving relationship. However, she manages to search for happiness in her too normal life. Park So-jin worked with actors Gong Myeong and Yoon Se-hyon.

Park So-jin borrowed her voice for the initial soundtrack of the KBS 2TV drama I Hate My Company. The OST album was released on June 4th, 2019. She sang “Goodbye” which is that the last track on the album.

Kim Yura

Yura appeared in several variety shows in 2019. She appeared in Channel A’s Cabin Crew from Episode 1 to Episode 12. Yura was challenged to figure as an actual attendant. She had to pass interviews and training before having the ability to figure as a steward. the nice things were she ought to travel foreign countries and knowledge other countries’ culture.

Yura appeared in tvN’s Seoul Mate 3. The show is about foreigners traveling in Korea, staying and interacting with Korean Celebrities. Yura appeared alongside comedian Kin Jun-ho and television personality Bom.

Bang Mi-nah

Bang Min-ah, or more famously called Minah, performed because the female leading role in SBS’ drama My Absolute Boyfriend. She also borrowed her voice for the initial soundtrack of the drama. My Absolute Boyfriend aired from May to July 2019. Minah played a personality that broke up together with her long-time boyfriend and fell soft on with a humanoid robot. Sadly, My Absolute Boyfriend was unpopular and received the bottom viewership rating amongst all the SBS drama line-ups.

Lee Hye-ri

Lee Hye-ri, or better called Hyeri, is currently preparing her upcoming drama, TvN’s Miss Lee. The drama is about to be aired on September 25th, 2019. She performs the role of Lee Seon-shim, a young and modest worker whose character is in a position to encourage others.

Hye-ri took part in a comedy movie that is ready to premiere in October 2019. She plays Minji who helped a former boxing champion to induce back on course after suffering a syndrome resulting from years of boxing.

Other than movies and dramas, Hyeri appeared on tvN’s Doremi Market. it’s a spread show associated with varieties of food from everywhere Korea. Doremi Market also features Shin Dong-yup, Moon Se-Yoon, Park Na-rae, and Boom.

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