Let’s check BTS’s examination in debut anniversary ‘FESTA’

BTS ARMYs take an examination during this year’s ‘FESTA’

This month is unlike the other month, as BTS celebrates its debut anniversary, also called FESTA. With the nice and cozy weather and also the beaming sunshine of the country’s season, June is usually a memorable month for the band, especially with the ARMYs.

As FESTA month continues to happen in a very very mesmerizing manner, ARMYs and every one BTS member were taken to undergo an examination. Here’s what happened.

An exam to check the bond of ARMYs and BTS

For this year’s 2021 June FESTA Exam; RM, Suga, J-hope, Jungkook, Jin, Jimin, and V all participated in an examination, during which they answered various questions on themselves, the band, and also the BTS ARMYs.

All of the exam papers and questionnaires were all revealed and released within the English and Korean language for all fans worldwide to determine and also take the examination also.

Results came in after the examination

As soon because the examination was finished, the results immediately came in were released via Weverse, showing the lads’ answer sheets together with their grades.

All seven Grammy-nominated K-pop idols took the test to form sure their abilities are at their best; however, the very best grade achieved was at 82.5%. The remaining grades achieved by the opposite boys did not surpass the passing grade of 85%.

Furthermore, only two members were able to skip the grade of 80%; but, it absolutely was justifiable because the questions were unexpectedly difficult than expected.

  • Namjoon = 75
  • Seokjin = 65
  • Yoongi = 57.5
  • Hobi = 82.5
  • Jimin = 62.8
  • Taehyung = 57.5
  • Jungkook = 82.5

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ARMYs also took the identical examination

The ever-supportive fans of the world’s most phenomenal K-pop group failed to miss the possibility to require the examination too. those who were able to complete the test then took social media to share their results.

In the same thing as BTS, many were surprised by the examination’s difficulty as many also didn’t pass through the passing grade.

Source: Kpop Reporter

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