Let’s check attitude of Lee Hyun Wook about his role in ‘Mine’

‘Mine’ Lee Hyun Wook reveals how much people hated him for his role. Let’s check with us!

Which actor benefited the foremost from starring in tvN Mine, which ended last month? Hyowon Group’s first daughter-in-law Jeong Seo Hyeon (Kim Seo Hyung), second daughter-in-law Seo Hee Soo (Lee Bo Young), furthermore as tutor Kang Ja Kyung (Ok Ja Yeon), contributed to the success of the drama. But the character that went through the foremost dramatic course of events was Han Ji Yong. Lee Hyun Wook took on the role of Han Ji Yong, the second son of the Hyowon family and husband of Seo Hee Soo, and added vitality to the play by acting because of the hateful villain.

Here’s the interview Xports News recently had with Lee Hyun Wook about his role in Mine.

Q1. How does one feel now that the drama is over?

We got lucky because the work grabbed lots of attention and received much love.

Q2. Why did you decide on ‘Mine’?

It was an excellent opportunity to figure with awesome directors, writers, and colleagues. Plus, I wanted to require the possibility because it absolutely was a task that might lead the flow of the play.

Q3. Previously, you played a despicable role in ‘She Would Never Know’. And here you’re with a villain role again in ‘Mine’. How did the parents reply to your choice?

I definitely didn’t make a nice impression. Still, I believe the very fact that folks hated me for my role in Mine, makes it a good show. within the past, I elapsed the names of characters I played. Nowadays, more people remember my name which I appreciate. All my friends and folks around me despise me for my role.

Q4. In the end, Han Ji Yong sheds tears as if he saw his own death coming. What were his thoughts then?

Perhaps even then, he may need to blame the globe and other people. He would have probably thought to himself, “Why is everyone doing this to me?” it had been very tragic.

Q5. How was working with Lee Bo Young and Ok Ja Yeon?

I learned a lot from Lee Bo Young. Her ability to focus instantly and on specific emotions amazed me. and that I reflected on myself plenty while watching Ja Yeon’s acting. Her getting right into the core of the role made me rethink the parts that I had missed to understand fully.

Q6. Any memorable scene?

Many scenes left a long-lasting memory in me. Probably the scenes in Han Ji Yong’s office with Seo Hyeon (Kim Seo Hyeong) and Jin Ho (Park Hyuk Kwon) where they finally talk straight are the foremost memorable.

Q7. Your funny Instagram postings are a hot topic.

I didn’t expect it to induce such a lot of attention. I just post things once I felt prefer it, but I’m a bit surprised that such a lot of fans find them enjoyable. I’m glad if you liked them, but I don’t think I’ll be able to use social media solely for that purpose. I’ll keep posting things whenever things come to my mind.

Q8. What are your plans after Mine?

From the tip of July, I’ll be shooting the Netflix original series Black Bride, so that’ll keep me busy.

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