Let’s check 6 pairs of Korean celebrities who are siblings and both famous

6 pairs of Korean celebrities who are actually siblings and both famous! That made their fans feel excited!

The celebrity genes in these pairs of siblings run well in their blood! within the industry, several Korean celebs can pass as siblings thanks to their resemblance, but the subsequent celebrities are real-life siblings!

These six pairs of Korean actors, actresses, and celebrities who are literally siblings don’t only share an identical surname, but they even have identical gorgeous visuals and incredible talents.

Here are the Korean celebrities you’ll not know are actual siblings:

1. Kim Yoo Jung and Kim Yeon Jung

The famous teen actress Kim Yoo Jung and also the rising actress Kim Yeon Jung are literally siblings!

In particular, Yeon Jung who appeared in numerous movies like “Train to Busan,” “Gate,” “A Resistance,” and starred within the drama, “Secret Crushes Special Edition” is that the older sister of Yoo Jung.

Meanwhile, Kim Yoo Jung recently starred in “Backstreet Rookie.”The female celebrity started as a baby actress, and has become popular for her outstanding acting in “Moon Embracing the Sun.”

2. Kim Tae Hee and Lee Wan

The iconic “Nation’s ex,” who gained the eye of K-Drama fans for her popular works including, “Stairways to Heaven,” and “Hi Bye, Mama” is actually one of all the foremost loved actresses within the industry.

Along with her, his brother Lee Wan who has amazing looks a bit like the visual-goddess Tae Hee is additionally an actor, who is understood for his drama, “Swallow of the Sun.”

3. Choi Soo Young and Choi Soo Jin

The Girls’ Generation member and actress Soo Young is that the sister of famous musical actress Choi Soo Jin! except for starring in numerous plays, she was also rumored to be a girlfriend of EXO Xiumin, gaining more interest from netizens though it’s not confirmed.

Meanwhile, Soo Young debuted as a singer in 2002 and joined Girls’ Generation in 2007, and she’s currently an actress who starred in the drama, “Tell Me What You Saw.”

4. Gong Myung and NCT Doyoung

Gong Myung who rose to fame together with his drama, “The Bride of Habaek,” and “Revolutionary Love,” is that the older brother of Doyoung, a member and vocalist of the world group NCT.

5. Ha Ji Won and Jeon Tae Soo

The “Empress Ki” and “Secret Garden” star Ha Ji Won, is one of all the foremost respected actresses up to now for her excellent acting skills. together with her, is his late brother Jeon Tae Soo who was also an actor. He was notable for his perfect acting in K-Drama, “Sungkyunkwan Scandal.”

6. Jang Na Ra and Jang Sung Won

One of the most effective actresses Jang Na Ra is that the brother of the actor, Jang Sung Won! The first-generation Korean singer and actress, starred in multiple hit dramas, including, “Fated to like You,” “Go Back Couple,” and “VIP.”

Meanwhile, her brother Sung Won is additionally an actor who played supporting roles in numerous dramas like, “The Crowned Clown,” and “The Time We weren’t Inlove.”

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