Lee Si Young has revealed her son who looks a bit like her

Lee Si Young reveals her son, husband, and luxury house for the primary time on MBC’s Omniscient Interfering View.

In an episode that aired on the 16th, Lee Si Young and Oh Dae Hwan revealed their daily lives with the family and also the manager.

Nowadays, Lee Si Young began to climb the Munsu Peak of Mount Bukhan to be after a hiking magazine. She is that the first celebrity to be the quilt model of a climbing magazine. “We’re visiting to take photos of her watching the sunrise from the highest of the mountain,” explained Lee Si Young’s manager.

As Lee Si Young left home as early as 4.30 a.m., she memorized the introductory remarks within the car to film a YouTube video and placed on minimal amounts of makeup.

She surprised everyone as she did 100 squats as a warm-up exercise before climbing the mountain. As a self-proclaimed idol of climbing, Lee Si Young started climbing the mountain at dawn. However, soon after, Lee Si Young and her manager’s hair was frozen like icicles within the freezing weather which reached minus 10 degrees Celsius. Viewers felt bad for her as she completed her makeup while shivering in the cold.

After the diligence, a legendary view was unraveled ahead of them, which made the members of the show exclaim. Over the rocky ridge, a sunrise was assault town of Seoul. Lee Si Young created the simplest shot of her life with scenery that can’t even be made with graphics.

The actress also revealed her house on an identical day. The spacy and trendy interior of the house attracted attention. Her son, Jung Yoon, also made an appearance. Jung Yoon made everyone, including the show’s staff members, smile with this bright smile which resembles Lee Si Young. “Jung Yoon always speaks so nicely, and he’s adorable. He’s sort of a human vitamin,” the manager said.

In particular, Jung Yoon had an awfully good vocabulary. “He started speaking early because he likes books. He mainly talks with the vocabulary he saw from the book,” Lee Si Young said.

Lee Si Young showed her professional parenting, which was unexpected from someone with a ‘girl-crush’ image.

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