Lee Min Ho is famous for his acting and attractive appearance. But his friends are the same too! Here is the list of Lee Min Ho's hottest best friends.

Woo Do Hwan

In The King, Woo plays Lee’s closest friend, lead bodyguard and “Unbreakable Sword”. The two have shown undeniable chemistry with their bromance-filled scenes, and fans have been amused by Lee’s interactions with his parallel characters.

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It seems like the pair have also become bros off screen and on set, as Woo lightheartedly trolls the posts of his “king”. One of Woo’s comments on Lee’s post eating ice cream even received more than 30,000 likes. Woo asked Lee to put down the ice cream so he can taste it first and make sure it’s safe to eat (similar to how it’s done for Lee’s character in The King).

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Kim Hee Chul

When he’s not busy filming or exploring gorgeous natural sights, Lee Min Ho loves playing video games. He even said that if he wasn’t an actor he’d be a pro gamer. He has achieved one of the highest ranks as a League of Legends e-sports player.

One of Lee Min Ho’s virtual rivals is Super Junior’s Kim Hee Chul – another avid gamer. In an episode of the talk show Radio Star, Kim revealed that he fights a lot with Lee whenever they play.

Lee Jung Jae

In the Korean Drama world, it’s become a tradition among celebrity friends to send coffee trucks to each other’s filming sets as a show of support. While filming The King, Lee Min Ho received one from veteran Korean film actor Lee Jung Jae.

The two Lees met through the movie, Gangnam Blues. Lee Min-ho starred in the action film with Kim Rae Won, while Lee Jung Jae was friends with the director.

Jung Il Woo

They have been friends since their school days, and they’ve been close for years. They even escaped death together after getting into a traffic accident, which caused them injuries that required months of hospitalization.

In one interview, Jung Il Woo said they were opposites when it comes to personalities. Yet, they’ve learned to respect each other’s differences and have grown closer because of this understanding. Recently, Lee Min Ho received a coffee truck visit from Jung Il Woo, who’s also starring in a new show, Sweet Munchies.

So they are Lee Min Ho's hottest best friends. Stay tuned and catch up with more Korean Entertainment News with us!