Lee Junho and Lee Se Young are so cute in “The Red Sleeve” behind the scenes

Let’s check how 2PM’s Lee Junho makes Lee Se Young jealous on the set of “The Red Sleeve”. Learn more about them with us below!

MBC’s The Red Sleeve has shared a glance behind the scenes of Episode 15 with a moment between Lee Junho and Lee Se Young!

“The Red Sleeve” may be a historical drama about the imperial romance between emperor Yi San (played by 2PM’s Lee Junho) and therefore the strong-willed court lady Seong Deok Im (played by Lee Se Young).

the red sleeve

The clip starts with a disappointed Junho as he expresses sadness that Lee Se Young won’t take a look at him because she’s already so immersed into her character. Later, the 2 sing their own praises their chemistry and shut relationship as they play together with each other’s jokes.

As they brainstorm ideas and rehearse the subsequent scene, the director asks the duo, “Should we try a minimum of touching the coated string?” They readily agree and take a look at it out because the director adds, “Honestly if you progress backward, it’ll come untied.” Junho agrees, telling Lee Se Young, “You can’t move forwards or backward.” After they rehearse the scene, the director worriedly asks about the drama’s age rating, “This is okay for 15+, right?” and also the actors reassure her that it’s fine.

On another night, the cast and crew film outside for the scene where Yi San sees that Deok Im has returned. After seeing the King so near Hwa Bin, Lee Se Young makes everyone laugh as she jokes, “Please give me poisonous medicine,” before adding, “I’m so, so angry.”

Next, Lee Se Young films with Yi Seo for the scene where Hwa Bin hits Deok Im on the rear of the legs with a rod. Although the rod is specially made out of sentimental materials, Lee Se Young adorably expresses fear while everyone else on set giggles that Yi Seo is practicing by hitting a cushion. After the 2 diligently finish the scene, Yi Seo immediately apologizes while Lee Se Young reassures her that it didn’t hurt in the slightest degree.

The end of the clip features other snippets from set, like the actors cheering one another on, singing, doing each other’s nails, and Junho teaching Lee Se Young a dance.

Watch the complete video below!

Episodes 16 and 17 of “The Red Sleeve” will air consecutively on January 1 at 9:50 p.m. KST.

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