Lee Joon Gi Shows His Frightening True Colors In “Flower Of Evil”

“Flower of Evil” is getting drama fans even more excited for tonight’s premiere with new stills of Lee Joon Gi.

The tvN drama is a suspenseful new thriller starring Lee Joon Gi as Baek Hee Sung, a man who hides his past and pretends to love his wife Cha Ji Won (played by Moon Chae Won). As a detective, Cha Ji Won begins to suspect that her husband may be a serial killer, and the couple is ultimately forced to confront a dark truth they never wanted to face.

A set of photos from the upcoming premiere shows a family gathering that doesn’t go as one might expect. Baek Hee Sung is known as an affectionate husband with everything he could hope for in the world, and his family, including his parents (played by Son Jong Hak and Nam Gi Ae), gets together to celebrate his birthday. However, his parents look unhappy to be greeting his wife Cha Ji Won.

When Cha Ji Won leaves the table for a moment, Baek Hee Sung’s demeanour changes and he shoots a cold stare as he holds his sleeping daughter Baek Eun Ha (played by Jung Seo Yeon) in his arms. He’d always shown a warm smile in front of his wife and daughter, but now he looks emotionless. On top of that, his parents seem unsurprised by this sudden change in their son, as though they’re used to it.

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The “Flower of Evil” production team said, “This is a scene that clearly shows the two extreme sides of Baek Hee Sung. It will give you the opportunity to see just how powerful Lee Joon Gi’s acting is from the very start.” They added, “We hope you’ll tune in to the premiere on July 29 to see what secret hides between Baek Hee Sung and Cha Ji Won, who look like such a happy couple.”

Behind-the-scenes photos of Moon Chae Won and Lee Joon Gi onset have also been shared, showing their dedication as they transform into their roles.

Moon Chae Won’s character Cha Ji Won is described as a very skilled detective who specializes in violent crime, while at the same time she’s naively completely in love with her husband. Moon Chae Won will be conveying a wide spectrum of emotions as her both charismatic and innocent character has her beliefs shaken up by doubts about the husband she loves so much.

Photos of Lee Joon Gi give a glimpse of his transformation into the chilling and mysterious Baek Hee Sung. They also show him smiling behind-the-scenes with Jung Seo Yeon, the young actress playing his daughter, and he reveals some of that trademark upbeat energy that Lee Joon Gi is famous for. Some of the images are from the drama’s teaser and poster filming, as well as press conferences.

Lee Joon Gi

Lee Joon Gi

Wanna keep up to the film, stay tuned and read more Korean drama news.


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