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Lee Joon and Jung So Min Have Broken Up

After 3 years of dating, Lee Joon and Jung So Min Have Broken Up, confirmed by their management agencies and closest sources.

On June 26, Dispatch reported that representatives for both Jung So Min and Lee Joon had announced that the couple had broken up. According to the report, one source stated, “The two recently broke up,” while the other added, “They’ve decided to remain on good terms and cheer each other on as fellow actors.”

Lee Joon and Jung So Min Have Broken Up - Couple broke up

Later that morning, both stars’ agencies confirmed the report. Lee Joon’s agency PrainTPC stated, “Lee Joon and Jung So Min recently broke up. Lee Joon is planning to greet the public soon through a good project,” while Jung So Min’s agency Blossom Entertainment similarly confirmed, “Jung So Min and Lee Joon recently broke up. They have decided to remain colleagues.”

According to Dispatch, sources close to the two stars commented, “They spent a lot of time apart. Since they were both busy, they grew apart from one another. They ended up deciding to focus more on their individual work.”

After starring together in the KBS drama “Father is Strange,” Jung So Min and Lee Joon began dating in October 2017 and went public with their relationship several months later.



  1. […] In 2016, she starred opposite Lee Kwang-soo in the series ‘”The Sound of Your Heart”. The web series became a major hit in China with over 100 million views on the internet. She then appeared in another drama special titled “Red Teacher”. In 2017, Jung So-min appeared in a TV series called “My Father is Strange“, after which she dated Lee Joon, her acting partner. The couple has just broken up after 3 years dating. Read more: Lee Joon and Jung So Min Have Broken Up […]

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