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Lee Je Hoon Shared He Wanted To Work With Shin Hye Sun Again In A Rom-Com

Lee Je Hoon recently sat down for an interview about his new film, “Collectors”.  

“Collectors” is a heist film about a genius grave robber named Kang Dong Goo (Lee Je Hoon) who digs up relics hidden beneath the ground with experts from the entire nation. This team includes Professor Johns (Jo Woo Jin), an expert in excavating murals from ancient tombs, Chief Yoon (Shin Hye Sun), an elite curator in the ancient art world, and Sapdari (In Won Hee), an expert with a shovel.

Lee Je Hoon said, “I met with Jo Woo Jin and Im Won Hee for drinks after filming and became close with them. But I didn’t really get to know Shin Hye Sun on a personal level. Since we did this heist film together, I think it would be fun for us to show whole different chemistry in a romantic comedy. Her concentration is remarkable, so she’s an actor I’d like to work with again.”


About Jo Woo Jin and Im Won Hee, he said, “Because they trusted me and cared for me as a younger actor, I was able to show my affection for them freely. Because they made me feel comfortable on set, they were able to throw me around in front of the camera with ease.”

He added, “It’s because they reacted well to Kang Dong Goo’s sleaziness that the film came out so well. It was a film that required the collaboration of all the actors involved.”

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