“Lee Hyori’s bed and breakfast season 1” was famous for IU’s appearance

Lee Hyori's bed and breakfast

Let’s check out IU’s appearance on “Lee Hyori’s bed and breakfast season 1”. Learn more about the details below!

Everything you would like to understand about the Korean reality-variety show starred by Lee Hyori and her husband: Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast

Besides K-Pop and K-Dramas, the Republic of Korea is additionally famous for reality and variety shows, including Infinite Challenge, Running Man, Weekly Idol, Knowing Brothers, and plenty of more. These programs carry a range of interesting concepts. There’s just something new and unique that creates the audience curious and keeps them looking forward to the shows weekly.

One of the relatively new television programs is Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast, which is broadcast by JTBC. Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast first aired in 2017, and on February 4, 2018, it began its second season. This program may be a combination of reality and variety shows. During this second season, the audience was invited back to the inn founded by Lee Sang-soon and Lee Hyori’s family. The concept of the program is to create Lee Sang-soon and Lee Hyori’s house a bed & breakfast or homestay inn (this program is additionally called the Hyori’s Home Stay). They both are the hosts and guests will come. The guests who came were Korean folks that had registered and were selected by the JTBC TV team. to assist Lee Sang-soon and Lee Hyori, the TV team would also usher in an artist to become a member of the staff at Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast.

This program attracted plenty of attention from the audience due to many things, including; Showing the natural wealth of Jeju Island, the atmosphere of the heat of the family displayed by the families of Lee Hyori and Lee Sang-soon, studded with famous artists, the work of 1 of the producers of Infinite Challenge, beautiful background music, and lots of more.

In this article, Xenews will tell you about IU’s appearances on this jTBC show that stars Lee Hyori and her husband. So, stay tuned!

House Tour and Pets Introduction

lee hyori bed and breakfast

In the first episode, viewers were invited to determine the lives of Lee Hyori and Lee Sang-soon on Jeju Island. they need a house with an outsized yard. Additionally, to the most building of the house, there’s also another building that acts as their music studio. Actually, Lee Hyori’s residence area looks big, but it’s just big within the yard. The house has two floors, and also the second floor is the main room, yet because of the only room within the house. Yes, but the area really looks spacious. On the second floor, there’s also a restroom and a tub. what’s unique, is it’s like this bathroom doesn’t have a door, but there’s sort of a barrier that will be folded to hide the toilet and bathtub area.

It’s no secret that Lee Hyori is an animal lover. When filming the fact show, all the viewers can witness the love for his or her pets. Because they’re all rescue animals, they need lots of affection to provide to the owner and the other way around. Lee Hyori has three cats and five dogs. The cats are Mi-Mi, Sam-sik, and Sun-yi. The dogs, all strays, are Guana, Mocha, Soonshim, Ko-sil, Seok-sam, and Mi-dal.

Preparation Before Opening Time

Lee Hyori's bed and breakfast

In preparation for opening Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast, Lee Hyori and Lee Sang-Soon also surveyed other bed & breakfasts. They began shopping from blankets, pillows, slippers, and every one the items needed for Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast. Their house features a large attic that doesn’t seem to possess a door inside, even for the toilet (they put up partitions to supply privacy for guests). additionally to let alone their bedroom, Lee Hyori and Lee Sang-soon turned a corner near the steps that served as an office into a brief second bedroom by installing curtains to accommodate more guests.

Staff Who Come at The Clear Sky

iu in lee hyori bed and breakfast

The episode “Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast” which aired on July 2, 2017, featured IU’s meeting with Lee Hyori. IU was confirmed to be assisting Lee Hyori in managing lodging at her home. The episode featured IU, who had just arrived and pressed the bell at Lee Hyori’s house and her husband, Lee Sang-soon. Upon learning of IU’s arrival, Lee Sang-soon looked surprised and immediately called bent on Lee Hyori.

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“Is that basically IU?” asked Lee Hyori who still couldn’t believe it. “Is this real?” Lee Sang-soon added. Two guests who stayed at Lee Hyori’s house were shocked, and smiled and stopped eating. For Lee Hyori, it’s been four years since she met IU last time. Lee Hyori immediately met with IU and helped carry the singer’s suitcase. “I attempt to stay here for 2 weeks. you’ll tell me to try and do anything,” IU said. “How can we tell you to try and do something. All the guests during this house are even excited to work out you,” Lee Hyori replied.

Suddenly Lee Sang-soon and therefore the two setup guests left the house and ran to IU. “Why did all the guests leave the house? Oppa, did you actually embark barefoot?” said Lee Hyori who made everyone laugh. “I had to welcome IU, but one amongst the guests didn’t have shoes so I lent it,” Lee Sang-soon answered.

Since its inception, IU has made the Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast atmosphere stuffed with laughter.

Difference Between With and Without Staff

lee hyori and husband

Lee Hyori and her husband, Lee Sang-soon, are very friendly people. Whether or not there’s staff, they’re a pair who have a warm heart. Despite the absence of staff, they continue to be warm towards the guests who visit their homes. Their home is always filled with jokes and laughter. during this era, many children lose time to assemble with family. The busy school schedule and busy work are the proper reasons to spend time hanging out with loved ones. there’s no time to rest and celebrate.

From the start, both Lee Hyori and Lee Sang-soon were determined to form their guests eat and sleep comfortably. they supply various facilities to support that goal. A tent to spend the night with friends. fountain baths to appease tired bodies. Also, a house with a pleasant new family to share stories. The concept of the program is straightforward but has begun to be rare and missed by the audience.

List of Guests

Lee Hyori's bed and breakfast

Guests Episode #
Gimhae Girls 1 – 3
The Explorers 2 – 8
Seoul Siblings 4 – 7
Haman Elder Couple 3 – 6
Wangsimni Flower Boys 5 – 8
Seoul Sisters 6 – 8
Seongnam Couple 8 – 10
Jung Dami 9 – 10
Daegu Coworkers 10 – 12
The Police Women 11 – 12
Music Major Students 12 – 13
Incheon Twins 12 – 14
Long Distance Couple 12 – 14

Random Facts

Lee Hyori's bed and breakfast

Showing the natural wealth of Jeju Island

The location of the inn during this program is the home of Lee Sang-soon and Lee Hyori, located on Jeju Island. The home is not within the middle of town but in an exceeding village far away from the gang. For you who are tired of the glittering life of the capital, the atmosphere within the environment is sort of comfortable and relaxing.

Jeju Island itself is an island famous for its natural beauty. Throughout the episode, viewers were invited to enjoy views of the beach, mountains, plantations, to historical tours there. while at that point it often snowed heavily, the charm of Jeju Island will still cause you to want to go to it.

The work of 1 of the producers of Infinite Challenge

No wonder this program is ready to captivate the hearts of the audiences in Korea and therefore the world. Ma Geon-young, the producer of Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast, was once one of all the producers engaged on Infinite Challenge. Who doesn’t know Infinite Challenge? you’ll say Infinite Challenge could be a pioneer, and therefore the most well-liked reality show, to date.

Ma Geon-young has produced several works besides Infinite Challenge, for example, Girl Spirit. in fact many viewers have high expectations for this program. Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast failed to disappoint the audience, which is proven by its high and stable ratings.

Beautiful background music

The background music always plays a very important role in getting the audience into the specified atmosphere. ranging from the primary episode, you get treated to a range of pleasant songs to relax. The songs are very suitable to be combined with the winter that adorns Jeju Island at the time.

Lee Sang-soon’s work as a DJ supports this. He often rearranges both old and new songs, into a replacement song that seems different. Nevertheless, it still doesn’t change the meaning and atmosphere in it. Try it, you hear one amongst Lee Sang-soon’s works. absolute to immediately fall in love!

After the program ended, Lee Hyori and Lee Sang-soon sold their house on Jeju Island

After the program ended, Lee Hyori felt disappointed thanks to her lack of privacy, and her husband, Lee Sang-soon, was disturbed. the rationale is that the private house they lived in is the same because the one shown on the Hyori’s Homestay variety. little question this makes many uninvited tourists come to their home. Feeling uncomfortable, the South Korean diva decided to sell the house to JTBC. JTBC TV station could be a TV station that produces Hyori’s Homestay programs.

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