Lee Hyori looks breathtaking for Harper’s Bazaar magazine!

Lee Hyori shares why she decided to plan to have children when she feels happy, and more

For the May issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Lee Hyori worked with the France brand L’Occitane en Provence for the “Gift the Nature” campaign. “Gift the Nature” is a part of the “Rethink Beauty” CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) campaign, and it presents a special eco-gifting service in order to reduce the use of paper boxes and paper shopping bags. The eco-bag Lee Hyori holds up is made from recycled cotton, and it can be used for multiple purposes. The photoshoot took place in Jeju Island.

In the interview that followed the photoshoot, Lee Hyori shared that she felt happiness in her everyday life when her husband made dinner for her after she returned home from yoga, when she could spend time closely with nature, and when her dogs could walk and run on a dirt road.

Furthermore, Lee Hyori talked about how she came to plan to have a child. She revealed, “I think that I came to this world in order to learn something. They say that parenting is the best for studying the heart. I want to learn about that love, the sacrifice, and effort that’s only possible of a mom.”

The artist also revealed that she is absorbed in making ceramics these days. She explained, “Using my own hands to make the things I want to express is a special experience. After learning how to make ceramics, I’ve been making [figures of] pets to gift to friends.”

On a recent gift she was touched by, Lee Hyori shared, “When Soonshim (Lee Hyori’s pet dog) died, I was very sad and had a difficult time. After I ate the sweet imported cookies sent by designer Yoni, my mood improved, and it comforted me a lot. I think this is what a genuine gift is.”

When asked who she wanted to comfort these days, Lee Hyori replied, “As the issue with COVID-19 is prolonged, I think everyone is tired and angry. Indiscriminate violence against people of color is a representative example. What can we do to make people not angry? I think about that a lot. I want to comfort people with laughter or song.”

Lee Hyori recommended Soyou’s “Good Night MY LOVE”, which she wrote the lyrics for, as a song to comfort people. Asked when people would have the chance to get comforted by Lee Hyori’s voice, the artist replied, “I’m not the type to do plan things out regardless of what it is. If I meet a good song or get an opportunity like Refund Sisters, it can be anytime!”

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