Lee Hae In has shared her thoughts about being excluded from the debut lineup in “Idol School”

Lee Hae In speaks up about her unfair elimination from Mnet’s “Idol School” in 2017

Lee Hae In made a post on her online fan community on June 12, just a few days after chief producer (CP) Kim Tae Eun of the Mnet program “Idol School” was sentenced to prison for manipulating votes. It was also revealed that CP Kim Tae Eun had eliminated Lee Hae In from the new girl group that was formed through the show, despite her being ranked first in viewer votes.

Lee Hae In

In the post, Lee Hae In explained that she decided to speak out after thinking that it would be the right thing to do for her fans. She continued, “I was worried that you would be having as many emotions as I have, if not more, and I’ve been wondering if you’re okay or if you’re worrying too much about me. What I want to say is, I’m doing better than I thought.”

Further on in her post, Lee Hae In said, “I’ve received a lot of messages yesterday and today saying ‘It’s late, but congratulations on the first place.’ With just those words, the feelings of sadness and unjustness that I had been bottling up during the past four years just came flooding out. On one hand, letting it all out like that made me feel relieved.”

She added, “I think the word I wanted to hear the most was ‘Congratulations,’ and the words I wanted to say when something good happened were ‘Thank you.’ Anyway, I’ll grow stronger to match everyone’s faith in me in order to make many more moments to celebrate, and I’ll make sure to repay everyone so that you won’t be disappointed in me.”

Lee Hae In concluded, “Please eat well and enjoy your weekend. The words I wanted to say most today are, ‘I’m late in saying this, but thank you for making my first place, my loves.’”

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