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Lee Guk-joo, one in all the foremost Popular Female Comedians

Lee Guk-joo (李 國 主 [1] Hangul: 이국주, born on January 5th, 1986), maybe a South Korean comedian under FNC Entertainment. Lee made her debut by being chosen by MBC because of the 15th generation comedian. She was initially signed with CoKo Entertainment but thanks to their bankruptcy, she then signed with FNC Entertainment. Guk-joo is known for her oversized body.

Before Dieting

“Ugly and fat” is one of the best-selling characteristics. She spoke openly about her weight and invited laughter by saying that her tongue was fat. She is dating an attractive male celebrity, which, in keeping with funny people, is because – yes – fat and ugly women tease handsome men.

Lee Guk-joo is one of the foremost popular comedians in the Asian nation. She has made a living for herself by selling her appearance. Unlike many other female stars, who compete for Aphrodite seats by improving their appearance through cosmetic surgery, Lee fights in battles at the other end of the spectrum of beauty.

She contradicts the traditional feminine ideals of South Korea: hard, big, and rough. She wont to eat lots, and he or she wont to discuss eating lots. She is one, of a bunch of female stars, mostly comedians, who have landed in quandary, because they tempt handsome male celebrities beyond what many see as a boundary of social acceptance.

Here could be a photo of her photo before her diet. This photo was taken at the tip of 2014, while Lee Guk-joo started dieting in 2015. She was a part of a Marie Claire photoshoot.

Pic 1 - Lee Guk Joo's diet

After Diet

Lee Guk-joo appeared on KBS2 TV Crisis Escape much loved after her diet. She said that she lost 6 kg. Although she still looks overweight, we are able to tell that she looks slimmer than before, especially on her cheeks. Here is that the photo of her from her attendance of the event:

Pic 2 - Lee Guk Joo's diet

What Are Her Diet Tips?

Lee Guk-joo appeared as a guest at SBS’s Horan’s Power FM radio, talking about how she had danced perfectly for the choreography of several girl groups, like Hyuna, SISTAR, A Pink, and lots of more.

When DJ Horan asked who he wanted to challenge next, Lee Guk-joo answered Minzy. “I think if I need to bop like Minzy, I’ve got to be thinner, so for the primary time in my life, I feel the urge to diet.”

Lee Guk-joo said that due to her diet she managed to lose 6kg of her weight. In KBS 2TV Crisis Escape much loved, which aired on the 22nd, was featured Gag Woman, Lee Guk-joo, actors Hwang Suk-Jeong, Melody Deeyein, and Sung Woo Ahn Ji-hwan.

“I broke my carbohydrates and adjusted my diet into my konnyaku,” she said. “I lost 6kg in a very week.”

Kim Jong-kook replied, “I thought my sleep was gone,” and so she replied, “I like my konnyaku reduced.”

Lee Guk-joo Now

Lee Guk-joo expresses her concern about her body. Although she has received lots of body shaming due to her weight and he or she was on a diet before, but in the end, she loves her body. At an incident, the MC asked, “What quiet woman does one think is beautiful?”

Lee said, “I’m not happy because Honey Lee is incredibly thin and exquisite. I’m happy now. My body seems to be alive now. this is often happiness,” she added, laughing and enjoying it at the identical time. Here is one of all her most up-to-date photos posted on her Instagram account, @gookju.

Here is Lee Guk Joo‘s diet. Don’t forget to catch up with the South Korean celebrity’s news with us every day!