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Lee Dong Wook Shared About His First Day Of Filming Of “Tale of The Nine-Tailed”

Recently, Lee Dong Wook Shared About His First Day Of Filming Of “Tale of The Nine-Tailed”. Upcoming tvN Drama Has Revealed New Stills Of Him

tvN’s Tale of The Nine-Tailed released new still photos of Lee Dong Wook in his new role as a legendary gumiho.

The new series is an urban story fantasy drama about a male gumiho named Lee Yeon, played by Lee Dong Wook, a legendary gumiho who settled in the city and transformed into a human being. He plans to clean and eliminate troubled human spirits while doing so creates mystery and destruction.

Lee Yeon has everything, from wealth and good looks to extraordinary intelligence. He travels from between two worlds to punish creatures that cause chaos to the living world. While staying in the city and in a human form he gets entangled by love with humans that he will soon have trouble getting out.

In the new stills, Lee Dong Wook puts his action skills to the test on his first day on set, at what appears to be a wedding.

Lee Dong Wook shared, Because there was a lot of action and CG involved in the sequence, to be honest, the first filming was a little difficult. We were able to finish successfully thanks to the director, the martial arts director, the action team, and the staff’s thorough preparations”.

He added, After the first filming, I had a sense of pride that we had completed a difficult scene, and I gained trust in the crew. I felt at ease knowing that all I have to do is trust the people on set, and with that in mind, I’ve been doing well on set while trusting and relying on the crew members”.

Lee Dong Wook Shared About His First Day Of Filming Of "Tale of The Nine-Tailed"

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A source from the drama production said, We’re really happy, as we feel that with Lee Dong Wook taking the reins in the role of Yi Yeon, we’ve fit the first pieces of the large puzzle that is ‘Tale of the Nine Tailed.’ Lee Dong Wook is creating an immersive drama with his analysis and careful research into the new character Yi Yeon. Please look forward to Lee Dong Wook’s performance in ‘Tale of the Nine Tailed’”.

Tale of the Nine Tailed premieres in October.

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