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This Rookie Actor Who Acted Alongside IU could be a Scene Stealer!

Lee Do Hyun mesmerized viewers within the drama Hotel Del Luna that stars actress and singer IU. He played Go Chung Myung and succeeded in attracting viewers along with his fearless character. many folks love his characters in Hotel Del Luna.

He started his career as a young actor within the 2017 comedic drama Prison Playbook. Born in Gyeonggi Province of Republic of Korea on April 11, 1995, he has played many characters and was nominated for Character of the Year at The 2018 Drama Awards.

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Lee Do-hyun’s Role in Hotel Del Luna

Lee Do Hyun is cast as Go Chung-myung, the royal guard captain and Jang Man-wol’s (IU’s) past lover. Go Chung-myung has also given his heart to Jang Man Wol.

As a supporting role during this drama, he played a big part in the story. Lee Do-hyun tried to shield his clan and help keep Man-wol from punishment. Those are the explanation why he should have married Princess Song-hwa.

But, who knew that he was within the same hotel for a protracted time with Man-wol because of the first-ever guest. He just wanted to stay his promise.

Lee Do Hyun’s Scene in Hotel Del Luna

Lee Do-hyun as Go Chung-myung is mesmerizing in many episodes in Hotel Del Luna. He becomes the primary love of IU in Hotel Del Luna. He also falls taken with along with her.

He may be always accompanying IU in doing whatever she wants while she is a robber. At one point, he betrays IU and she or he is caught.

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Conflict begins, and IU is angry about Hyeon Woo’s death and intends to urge revenge.

Pic 2 - Lee Do Hyun in Hotel Del LunaGo Chung Myung is meant to be sent to the hereafter but manages to run away within the variety of fireflies.

As a loyal person, he disguises himself and still accompanies IU within the Hotel Del Luna for years as he promised, but IU didn’t realize.

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Later, IU releases her revenge and lets Go Chung-myung visit his afterlife.

Lee Do Hyun and Behind the Scenes of Hotel Del Luna

Lee Do-hyun in an interview admitted that he experienced embarrassing things. When he was doing his first scene, it took 10 times of filming. It’s because he met IU for the primary time and under the intense, hot sun.

Pic 4 - Lee Do Hyun in Hotel Del LunaHe also said that when he took this role, he kept reciting his lines over and all over again. This was such a tough time for him, and he had such a lot of things to find out. Later on, they moved to a different location to redo the scene and succeeded.

The Chemistry between Lee Do Hyun and IU in Hotel Del Luna

Pic 5 - Lee Do Hyun in Hotel Del Luna

Lee Do-hyun received huge support from IU while shooting Hotel Del Luna. He felt grateful for his or her connection and powerful bond.

IU always unfolded and gave him advice while doing the scenes. Lee Do-hyun received such an eye-opening message from IU when he felt regret after watching his scenes. IU told him that he already did his best and will do even better within the future which made him more patient and relieved with himself.

Also interesting is that IU put her name as Man-wol in Lee Do-hyun’s contacts. This led him to feel comfortable talking with IU while she is meant to be his noona (sister).

Lee Do Hyun and IU’s Relationship after the Drama Hotel Del Luna

Pic 6 - Lee Do Hyun in Hotel Del Luna

After finishing their drama, Lee Do-hyun and IU are still in touch. On June 25, Lee Do-hyun received a snack truck from IU while he was shooting for the new drama 18, Again.

He showed his happiness by writing “to IU, the real trend-setter, thank you, 18 again, sister again.” He also impersonated IU’s photo banner and uploaded an image to his Instagram.

Lee Do-hyun hopes to 1-day work with IU again but with a happy-ending story.

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