Do you know rumor Lee Da Hee has plastic surgery?

Come in, Lee Da Hee’s history of cosmetic surgery is here. Let’s check with us right now!

Do you know Lee Da Hee, who acted in “Inner Beauty”, maybe you will feel that she is really beautiful! Let’s check some photos of the actress in this drama with us!

There is not the male and feminine protagonist who attracts me, but the pair of Ahn Jae Hyun and Lee Da Hee. There is not a proud female chaebol. The fairy combination!

I have to say that Lee Da Hee’s face during this drama is additionally excellent, and every set of designs is “good-looking” in capitals and bold.

She pretended to be a vicious lady in the early stage. the attention makeup is thick smoky + all-inclusive eyeliner, and therefore the styling is principally dark. After watching the primary two episodes, I kept thinking that this character is so fierce. After meeting Ahn Jae Hyun and beginning a sweet relationship, she suddenly became an acute and wonderful little woman.

The actor makeup has become apricot cream makeup, and even the dressing style has become a delicate warm color.

But Lee Da Hee, who may be a model, is 176cm tall, with wide shoulders, slender waist, and long legs. This leg length makes me jealous, the calf is so thin and long!

At first glance, Lee Da-hee will give people the impression that he’s stronger and appears sort of a big one. She was originally a catwalk model, and his body requirements are stricter than that of a plane model. The shoulders are going to be wider, in order that he can support the garments on the show. The costumier of “Inner Beauty” also knows this well, and Lee Da-hee wears lots of looks with open collars in it.

Although the shoulder width is robust, the top is additionally small, especially Lee Da Hee’s head remains smaller, and the face is incredibly small.

Lee Da Hee could be a relatively standard artificial face among Korean actresses, but! It’s an awfully successful face. Judging from the film and tv works, she has made fine-tuning step by step, including double eyelid, outer corner of the attention, eyelid all the way down to, nose reduction head, wing, facial fat filling, etc. the looks of Lee Da-hee within the time period of was quite different. Once I explore the photos, I wondered if I used to be trying to find the incorrect picture.

When she starred in the movie “Mother and Daughter” in 2008, I can recognize this as Lee Da Hee, and that I admire you. The first photos actually have very typical faces of Korean girls. Single eyelid, collapsed nose bridge, wide eye spacing, and masseter muscle that can’t be ignored.

Can be seen after the debut, I did double eyelid and inner corner, but they’re all-natural models, without directly erasing personal characteristics. The face-lifting needle is additionally hit, the masseter muscle is getting smaller and smaller, and therefore the face shape is moving towards a rounded oval face.

Later began to try to do big projects on the contour, mandibular angle resection, there’s also a really obvious cheekbone push.

Lee Da-hee’s smooth and compact face, cheekbone pushing played a giant role. there’s another project, which is additionally a really successful classic case- under the eyelids too.

The actor didn’t write an excessive amount on the double eyelids, but after finishing the down, the full temperament immediately became “beautiful and touching”. If you would like to try and do inner and outer corners of the eyes + right down to, please see here, Lee Da Hee may be a real case.

Of course, beautiful women even have small bugs, like exposed gums, and might be a bit silly when smiling.

But as long as he manages his facial expressions well, Lee Da-hee continues to be the sweetness in my heart.

I heard that Lee Da Hee is additionally included in Running Man, but after watching a brief period of your time, I laughed and my stomach hurts. the variability show is so strong!

In fact, in 2016, Lee Da Hee signed a contract with Huayi Brothers, but it absolutely was a pity that the Korean ban was subsequently imposed. I hope that such a good-looking and fun lady is going to be ready to take the road in the future!

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