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“Beauty National Treasure” Lee Young Ae: The talented U60 beauty continues to be ecstatic, happily married with a large over 20 years old

“Beauty National Treasure” Korean screen encompasses a happy and fulfilling life. Not appearing with a dense frequency on the screen, but when it involves Lee Young Ae, many folks aren’t too strange. The actress came from a modeling career, advertising so encroached into acting during a TV series for the primary time in 1993. She rose to fame due to her successful roles, her private life saying no to scandals, and therefore the story of her marriage with a Korean-American businessman over 20 years old.

lee young ae
Lee Young Ae

“God is lazy to act” but still hot with the “heavenly” salary

Lee Young Ae is widely called an actress. When appearing on the screen, Lee Young Ae always won the hearts of the audience because of her impressive, flexible acting and pleasant voice. Unlike others of the identical time, Lee Young Ae is sort of picky about the script, even being commented on as lazy to act in movies. The proof is that she only participated in a very movie 1-3 years ago. In 2003, the actress appeared in barely one film, Sympathy For Lady Vengeance. Until early 2017, she accepted to play Saimdang, Light’s Diary. In 2021, Lee Young Ae reappeared with Inspector Koo, but didn’t create much buzz due to the content that was difficult to determine. However, she still receives the identical remuneration as Song Hye Kyo and Jeon Ji Hyun with about 170,000 USD (more than 3.9 billion VND). During 12 episodes, the actress received about 2 million USD (46 billion VND). Lee Young Ae remains to stop at the above project and has not yet received an invite to participate in any movie within the near future.

lee young ae
Lee Young Ae in drama “Dae Jang Geum”
lee young ae
The actress in “Sympathy For Lady Vengeance”

Lee Young Ae may be a rare case that shines brightly because of a character- Dae Jang Geum within the movie of the identical name. in step with statistics, the last episode of “Dae Jang Geum” attracted almost 1/2 of Hong Kong’s population to observe reception – this shows the “not-so-average” charm of the actress. Her role as a revengeful single mother within the crime thriller Sympathy For Lady Vengeance was equally well-regarded.

Thanks to her talent, in 2005, at the Blue Dragon festival, she was awarded the simplest Actress award. In 2015, at the 10th Seoul International Television Awards, Lee Young Ae was honored with the Grand Prize of Hallyu.

A secret marriage with a businessman husband who has experienced a wife’s life

In 2009, at the peak of her beauty career, Dae Jang Geum announced she was in an exceeding wedding together with her husband. On February 20, 2011, she gave birth to twins, a boy, and a lady. However, this man’s identity is kept secret. After getting married, this beauty received fewer movies to specialize in taking care of her family and youngsters. it had been not until 2018, which is about 10 years later, that information about her husband Lee Young Ae was revealed. Accordingly, Jeong Ho Young is 20 years older than the sweetness and is the president of Korea Elecom company. in keeping with Naver, Korea Elecom was established in 2002 and belongs to LG group, is the leading “giant” within the field of developing mobile preparation systems in Korea. The businessman’s estimated fortune is about 2 trillion won (about 40,120 billion VND).

lee young ae family
The happily beauty’s family
son and daughter
Lee Young Ae and her children

Besides wealth, this man also incorporates a scandalous private life. Jung Ho Young once had a wife. Rumor has it that the couple divorced because he had other women outside. After returning to Korea, businessman Jung was entangled in dating rumors with Shim Eun Ha – “screen goddess”, “Korean treasure”. Before the speak about her husband, she completely ignored her ears and lived happily.

Lee Young Ae is gorgeous in both talent, beauty, and virtue

Originally called “Kbiz’s national treasure of beauty” at the age of 51, Lee Young Ae still retains a youthful, elegant, and stylish appearance. the fashion of dress and makeup help Lee Young Ae exude the aura of an A-list female star, the wife of a successful businessman. During her appearances at events, the mother of two doesn’t have to wear an excessive amount of makeup, her Asian beauty, soulful eyes, high and straight nose bridge, and Lee Young Ae’s still remains her beauty with time.

lee young ae lee young ae

lee young ae

Not only good at making money, but Lee Young Ae is also additionally loved by the audience for her kindness. In 2006, Lee Young Ae spent 50,000 USD (about quite 1 billion VND) out of her own pocket to boost money and support children to create libraries and improve learning conditions at primary schools in a small district. in Zhejiang province. In October 2018, Lee Young Ae donated 50 million Won (equivalent to 1,000 billion VND) to tsunami victims on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. In early 2019, the famous hospital Cheil General Hospital & Women’s Healthcare Center was established in 1963 and faced many financial problems thanks to the record low birth rate in Korea. Facing financial distress, the hospital almost had to shut down. Lee Young Ae is the one who has helped the hospital plenty since May 2018 and decided to take a position.

Recently, she donated 100 million won (about 83,329) to support Ukraine within the context of the continued conflict.

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