Learn more Herin, member in project SM Rookies

Former SM Rookies member Herin: Joining “Idol School” and the reasons why she left SM Entertainment. Let’s check the details!

Way before SM Entertainment was debuting NCT and Red Velvet, they introduced a number of their potential trainees and formed them into a bunch called SM Rookies. the purpose of this idea was to introduce their future idols to audiences. Not just giving their names, some short information, and their faces, SM also showed a number of the trainees’ talents by dividing them into two groups, SM Rookies boys and girls.

sm rookies

We already know that a number of the SM Rookies boys have already debuted as NCT members. We also know that Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, and Yeri also were a part of SM Rookies before they debuted as Red Velvet members. But still, not all the trainees that were introduced as SM Rookies members would debut as a member of the idol group later. For example, Hansol was part of SM Rookies from 2013, before officially signing a replacement contract with a brand new label in 2017. Netizens have speculated that will be because Hansol wasn’t made a part of the NCT unit at the time.


Besides Hansol, there’s another trainee that left the corporate after spending long years as a trainee. She is Seo Herin, also called Herin, who was a part of SM Rookies girls and was first introduced in 2015. rather like Hansol, some people on the net are speculating that her departure from SM could also be because they keep delaying the debut date of their newest girl group, within which Herin would participate in.

It’s a shame, since not only does Herin have a stunning face and charming personality, she’s demonstrated that she’s a talented singer since she performed plenty of songs when she was within the Mickey Mouse Club with other SM Rookies members.

Now that she isn’t an element of SM Rookies anymore, what company did she join? What’s her current activity right now? Before we talk further about the small print of her split with SM Entertainment, let’s speak about her profile and a few facts about Seo Herin!

Profile and Facts

herin profile

Stage name: Herin

Real name: 서혜인 / Hyein Seo / Seo Hyein

Birthday: February 26, 2002

Origin: Korea

Born: Manchester, UK

Home town: Manchester, UK

Blood type: A

Zodiac: Pisces

Date introduced (on SM Rookies): July 9, 2015

Interesting facts:

  • The first time Herin was introduced as a member of the SM Rookies was on July 9, 2015, together with other SM trainees, Ko Eun and Hina.
  • Herin appeared on the Mickey Mouse Club with other SM Rookies members, both girls, and boys.
  • Herin has an older sister named Seren Seo.
  • Herin left SM Entertainment to hitch Idol School in July 2017.
  • Not ling after the Idol School program was over, Herin went back to England and visited college there.
  • In the beginning of 2018, Herin opened her own YouTube channel and has been vlogging since then.
  • Herin’s YouTube channel is bonjavenue, go subscribe!
  • Herin features a Twitter account with the username @HerinSeo
  • Herin made a tweet saying that she was pleased with the trail that she chose, now that she isn’t continuing to pursue her career in K-Pop.

Departure From SM Entertainment

Even though Herin may be a talented singer with a reasonably face and adorable vibe, we didn’t have an opportunity to work out her debut as a member of the idol group in SM because she decided to depart the corporate in 2017. At the identical time, Mnet’s survival program, Idol School, revealed Herin together with the trainees that might be participating. Unlike other survival programs, when a trainee joins Idol School, they need to leave their current company, because if they’re chosen joined of the most effective nine contestants, they might be debuted because the girl-group came to understand as FROMIS_9, under the agency CJ E&M.


Herin in “Idol School”

When Herin joined the program, people were surprised that she left SM Entertainment although she had a chance to debut as a part of the following girl-group from SM. However, SM keeps delaying the new girl group’s debut, and other people assume Herin got uninterested in waiting since she’s been a trainee since 2013.

As of today, years after Herin left SM Entertainment, the agency of Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, and EXO still hasn’t even announced any news about being able to debut a brand new girl group since they debuted Red Velvet in 2014.

Then again, the selection to go away the corporate was Herin’s to create, and she or he has the proper to decide on which path that she want to steer. As fans, we only must keep supporting her, cheer her up, and not judge her for the selection she made, while she didn’t make it into SM Entertainment’s girl group members.

Joining Idol School

The new survival program, Idol School, from Mnet revealed one amongst the contestants in July 2017. The contestant was Seo Herin, once called an element of SM Rookies girls. Most fans were saying it’s unfortunate that she left a giant agency like SM to affix a survival program that didn’t have much likelihood of helping make her debut during a girl group.


But still, instead of being left hanging, with no certainty about when she might make her debut, it seemed better to do another challenge by joining Idol School. while she wouldn’t be ready to rejoin SM if she was eliminated from the show, She could still look for another company. If she made it to be one amongst the highest 9 contestants, then she would debut as a part of CJ E&M Entertainment’s girl group that shortly would be called FROMIS_9.

herin in idol school

It wasn’t Herin’s destiny to be part of FROMIS_9. She was eliminated, which made her a homeless trainee since she’d already left SM to affix the program. although she could get hired as a trainee in another entertainment agency, she chose to go away the Korean show biz and returned to her hometown, Manchester, England.

herin youtuber

Now that Herin has returned to her previous life from before she joined SM Entertainment as a trainee, there have been still some folks that couldn’t respect her option to surrender her opportunity to be an idol. If you are taking a glance at Herin’s social media pages, whether it’s her Instagram, Twitter or YouTube, we all can conclude that she still lives a cheerful life. She started college and created a YouTube channel to shares her activities there.

If you’ve been rooting for Herin since her trainee days in SM Entertainment to Idol School, then please respect her choice and keep supporting her although she wasn’t a star, yet. Also for Herin, please cheer up and that we wish the most effective for you!

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