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The story of Ha Hyun Woo as a GUCKKASTEN member and Heo Young Ji’s boyfriend. Let’s check the details below with us right now!

Ha Hyun-woo has impressed loads of music fans because the lead singer of the Republic of Korean band GUCKKASTEN, and he performed for an audience of the planet at the opening ceremony of the 2018 Pyeong Chang Winter Olympics! Ha Hyun-woo has been making waves together with his musical talent! does one want to grasp what he has achieved or about his life story? During this article, Xenews are going to be explaining all about Ha Hyun-woo, starting together with his time as a GUCKKASTEN member and being Heo Young-ji’s boyfriend. Let’s check it out below!

Full Profile and Facts

ha hyun woo

Full Name: Ha Hyun-woo (하현우)

Born: November 25, 1981

Profession: Singer, Songwritter

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Blood Type: A

Years active: 2001 – present

Label: Interpark Entertainment/Windmill

Let’s get to grasp Ha Hyun-woo better with some facts on here!

  • Ha Hyun-woo may be a singer who was born at Jangsun, North Jeolla Province, South Korea
  • He participated on a MBC’s King of Mask Singer. Hyun-woo was named because the Mask King for 8 episodes, that’s from 22nd-30th,which was a record for the show
  • He born in North Jeolla Province, but moved to Ansan, Gyeonggi Province when he was 7.
  • Hyun-woo spent his education in Ansan, from Elementary until highschool.
  • His voice was dedicated and didn’t change until Gymnasium. He always corrects and introspects himself in order that amazing sounds are formed. As a result, he’s ready to produce high-pitched sounds easily.
  • Despite having an honest voice since childhood, but Ha Hyun-woo says his youth was rather unpleasant. He even said it had been stuffed with helplessness and tearfulness.
  • His father opposed him learning music, so he learned by informal ways or taught himself.
  • When within the lyceum, he lost his girlfriend and so he expressed his feelings through a song “She’s Gone”, singing it at a college festival.
  • He likes to draw cartoons and loves art.
  • Ha Hyun-woo and Lee Jung-gil studied within the same college.

Up and Down as Band Member


We know that Ha Hyun-woo had talent within the arts since his youth, and he especially liked music and drawing. But, at first, his passion wasn’t supported by his father, and at last, he had to prevent doing music for a long time when he was in college. Eventually, before he joined his new group, GUCKKASTEN, he became a member of the New Unbalance band.

New Unbalance could be a group which formed in 2001, this band consisted of Lee Jeong-gil as a drummer, Jeon Kyu-ho as a guitarist, Jina Ryu as bassist, Lee Min-kyung as keyboardist, and Ha Hyun-woo as a vocalist. At first, he met the drummer, Lee Jeong-gil, in Daejon, and so after a year, they made this band. But this band didn’t very last long within the music industry; a number of members soon announced they were resigning from it, like the keyboardist, Lee Min-kyung, in 2003.

After New Unbalance lost one in all their members, they found a brand new member and replaced Lee Min-kyung’s position as keyboardist and have become The C.O.M band. This band was also referred to as the Compass of Music and it formed in 2003, with most of the identical members as New Unbalance, but with a replacement bassist, Park Chul-young, and therefore the keyboardist, Lee In-kyung. On their first debut, The C.O.M got called “The Hidden Expert” within the Samzi Festival in 2003.

However, again and again, his career was delivered to a halt, and also the same is true of this band. They didn’t very long, disbanding after the Samzi Festival ended, because a number of the members needed to start their compulsory two-year military enlistment.

His career spiked again in 2007 when he regrouped with three other members and added Kim Ki-bum, calling the new group Guckkasten. The name comes from West Germanic. He and friends attempted to form an independent record label. only for one year of their career, they earned the ‘Hello Rookie of June’ award from the academic Broadcasting System (EBS). In 2009, they launched their self-titled debut studio album and held their first solo concert on February 21, 2009, at Hongik University’s V Hall, Seoul.

This band was chosen by KCCA to bring Korean culture to Japan. They also received awards at the 7th Korean Music Awards as “Rookie of The Year” and “Best Rock Song”, with Mirror. On December 7, 2010, they released their first mini-album, “Tagtraume”, and released their second studio album, “Frame”, on November 26, 2014. Ha Hyun-woo was very successful in his music career, especially after GUCKKASTEN was formed.

Relationship With Heo Young-ji

ha hyun woo young ji

Last year, on March 1, 2018, their respective agencies confirmed the connection between Ha Hyun-woo and Heo Young-ji. the previous member of the girl group KARA was having a relationship with the songwriter and singer, Ha Hyun-woo, and there was a 13 year age difference between them.

Their closeness clothed to originate from the tvN show Shadow Singer after they became panel members there. They’ve even met each other’s parents.

After the link was confirmed, Heo Young-ji finally displayed their relationship on the radio program ‘Park So-hyun’s Love Game’ on SBS Power FM. She said that they only dated within the studio and around the yard because Ha Hyun-woo was really busy as a songwriter. But while they were busy, they always cared for every other.

In the latest news, on February 18 2019, beautiful idol Heo Young Ji and Guckkasten’s Ha Hyun Woo had parted ways.

Impressive Stage on MBC King of Masked Singer

ha hyun woo mask singer

Ha Hyun-woo set a record on the program King of the Mask Singer for the 22nd-30th generation. He obtained the achievement of getting 68.22 votes out of 99 votes. Although often a defending champion, apparently there was a flash of difficulty when he sang “Fantastic Baby” by the explosion. Host Kim Gu Ra asked him about it on Radio Star, stating that Ha Hyun-woo had a tough time when he had to sing Big Bang’s song, “Fantastic Baby.” Male singer answered by saying, “I’m the sort of one who really cares about every lyric that I sing, but I actually don’t understand the meaning of ‘Boomshakalaka“. However I sing it, it still sounds weird.” the solution made everyone laugh. Although he worried about it a few times, in the end, he decided to sing the part while thinking it absolutely was a spell.


Title Date Album Notes
” The Night is Walking “(밤이 걸어간다 feat Ha Hyun-woo) September 7, 2010 Huckleberry Finn Live Singer: Huckleberry Finn
” I Run Away ” (세렝게티) June 21, 2011 Colors of Love Singer: Serengeti
”  사 이 “ March 13, 2015 Aev Diary Vol 10  Singer: AEV (에이브)

Lyrics: Ha Hyun-woo (Arrangement AEV)

” I Can’t Stop Loving You ”  March 23, 2015 Blood OST Part 3. Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement by Ryoo Won-gwang and Son Yeon-sung
 “ Red Sunset ” (붉은 노을& Yangpa April 24, 2015 I Am A Singer Season 3 Lyrics,Composition: Lee Young-hoonArrangement: Pyo Geon-soo
” Muiiya ” (무이이야) (Rock ver) December 8, 2015 Six Flying Dragons OST Part 4. Singer: Ha Hyun-woo
 “ Saturday Night Fever ”  (토요일은 밤이 좋아) January 24, 2016 King of Mask Singer 43th Singer : Ha Hyun-woo and Park Ji-woo
” Don’t Worry ” (걱정말아요 그대) February 14, 2016 King of Mask Singer 46th Singer: All Artists
” Fantastic Baby “(Original song by BIG BANG) February 28, 2016 King of Mask Singer 48th Singer: Various Artists
” Don’t Cry   March 13, 2016 King of Mask Singer 50th Singer: Various Artists
” Spring Rain ” (Original by Park In-seo) March 27, 2016 King of Mask Singer 52nd Singer: Various Artists
” Hayeoga “ April 4, 2016 King of Mask Singer 54th Singer: Various Artists
” Everyday I Wait For  May 8, 2016 King of Mask Singer 58th Singer: Various Artists
 ” One Million Roses  May 22, 2016 King of Mask Singer 60th Singer: Various Artists
” Very Long term-Couples  April 5, 2016 King of Mask Singer 62nd Singer: Various Artists
” DARKNESS  June 16, 2018 MapleStory OST Singer: Ha Hyun-woo
Mini Album
  • ” Itacha ” (Piano Ver. by AEV)
  • ” Home 
  • ” Hanga “
  • ” Raibow Boy 
  • ” Itacha ” (Acoustic Guitar Ver.)
June 16, 2018 Itacha Ha Hyun-woo

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