Learn more about the beautiful EXID’s Hani short hairstyle

Top 10 of EXID’s Hani’s short hairstyle to prove she still looks as amazing as ever. That will make you fall in love with her!

Who’s fallen for EXID’s Hani’s charm? the general public must have! Born with the name Ahn Hee Yeon, her family already called her Hani since she was young. She is famously known by her anonym Hani. She was a member of EXID, a woman group from South Korea. Through her debut with EXID, she raised her popularity and has become a famous celebrity.

Other than that, Hani also went into a solo career in 2014, but she kept on together with her career with EXID. She was mostly recognized by her pretty long hair, but who said that she doesn’t look beautiful with short hair, too?

Through this text, Xenews will introduce you to the sweet Hani and her top 10 pictures of her short hairstyle!

EXID’s Hani’s previous hairstyle

Hani was accustomed have long, beautiful hair, whether it absolutely was colored brown, ombre, blonde, or anything. She is accustomed have pink and purple ombre hair while doing a showcase to celebrate EXID’s mini-album “Full Moon”. And, this one is additionally called the unicorn hairstyle!

At that point, she revealed that it had been her first time showing off bright colors in her hair, and he or she thought that individuals would like it. She also revealed that she bleached her hair 5 times and once experienced her scalp bleeding while her hair was bleached.

Hani has never stopped amazing us. She changed her beautiful long hair to a brief bob! The short bob was a trendy choice, and Hani once explained the rationale why she went with short hair. it had been because she once found a straightener, and he or she tried its reception, but unfortunately, her hair was damaged after using it, so she decided to trim her hair to repair the matter.

She also asked people shyly on SBS’s “The Great Emperors'” if her new hair suited her or not. And, the host said that it looked pretty good on her. What does one guy consider Hani’s short hair?

Take a glance at EXID’s Hani’s top 10 short hairstyle photos!

If you haven’t seen Hani along with her new short hair, here are the highest 10 pictures of her cute short hair!

1. Hani looks younger with the short bob, right?

2. There with blonde color on her hair, Hani feels like a Barbie doll!

3. The short bob with a bit curve for Hani’s hair, why not?

4. She’s obviously looking way too delicate with the straight black bob!

5. Hani kept the ombre color on her short hair! Isn’t she cute?

6. Which one was cuter, Hani along with her short hair or the Pikachu headband?

7. An in-depth up picture of Hani along with her short hair. So beautiful!

8. Hani also looked gorgeous with medium-short hair!

9. You can’t resist her cuteness!

10. Her smile is de facto beautiful, as beautiful as her hair and her appearance!

Which one from the highest 10 above is your favorite of Hani’s short hairstyle? Comment below and don’t forget to catch up with the latest Korean celebrity news with us every day!