Learn more about Park Ji-yeon’s sexy tattoos!

Wow! Park Ji Yeon got a sexy tattoo on her hips! How many tattoos does she have? Let’s find out!

Although tattoos are still a sensitive topic in Korea, they’re becoming more and more common. It’s no exception with K-pop idols. Park Ji-yeon may be a K-pop idol who is understood for having tattoos.

Park Ji-yeon admitted that she got her tattoo inspiration from Hyuna and decided to possess something inked on her back permanently. As many folks know already, Hyuna incorporates a tattoo on her shoulder that reads “My mother is that the heart that keeps me alive.” The tattoo could be a symbol of Hyuna’s love for her mother. Park Ji-yeon also showed her love for her parents together with her tattoo that reads “My parents are my heart and soul.” She is pleased with her tattoo and shows it off by wearing off-shoulder tops. Fans were shocked when she revealed her tattoo, but they supported her bold move.

During a photograph plan Shu Uemura in 2015, Park Ji-yeon revealed that apart from the one on her shoulder, she had another tattoo on her left ribs. it had been the primary time that the tattoo was revealed. it had been unknown what her new tattoo read because it wasn’t clearly visible.

In June 2017, T-ara made a comeback showcase with “What’s My Name?” During the performance, there was choreography where Park Ji-yeon put her hands behind her head. Fans captured her pictures and saw something below her cropped top that gave the impression to be a replacement tattoo. there have been also glimpses of her other new tattoos above her pants.

In the same showcase, Park Ji-yeon performed her solo track titled “Lullaby.” At the ending of her performance, she lied down together with her back facing the audience. During the short moment, fans captured pictures and located that she had another tattoo on her spine.

In July 2017, Park Ji-yeon attended an occasion for MTV Taiwan. She wore a mixture of a black cropped top and low waist jeans. Her clothes gave a clearer look of her new tattoos that are identified during her performances at T-ara’s latest showcase. She gained plenty of attention after revealing a touch of 1 of her tattoos on the red carpet. it’s unknown if the tattoo runs between her hips or if there’s a tattoo on each hip because the tattoo wasn’t fully revealed. Fans are inquisitive about what the look of her new tattoo really seems like.

Some netizens gave negative responses associated with Park Ji-yeon’s hip tattoos. Some commented that the tattoo design seemed cheap and therefore the location of the tattoos was also the most affordable location. Others wondered why anyone thought that it absolutely was cool to possess tattoos in this area of all places. Other netizens gave different responses. They said that her tattoos were in good areas and praised her for having grades. After all, it’s Park Ji-yeon’s body, and he or she is liberal to do anything along with her own body.

From what we’ve got seen from the images, it seems that Park Ji-yeon has six tattoos that are known to the general public. Some fans even call her Queen of Tattoos for having lots of tattoos on her body. it’s unknown if she has other hidden tattoos.

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