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All information about Jang Sung Hoon, a popular model in South Korea. Let’s check the details about him below with us!

Jang Sung-hoon, one of all the most popular models in South Korea

Have you ever heard of a couple of models from South Korea named Jang Sung-hoon? He’s a model from the famous agency, Esteem Models. As a model, Jang Sung-hoon is thought to for his appearance emits his incredible charisma. He incorporates a tall figure and a handsome face, a bit like the other famous model.

But, does one know that he’s actually quite different from the rest? Jang Sung-hoon is accustomed has a career as a part-time math tutor, which, in fact, caught the eye of the general public, since that occupation is on a totally different path from modeling, especially when he took modeling for the primary time.

Well, let’s prepare to test out the article below to urge you to grasp Jang Sung-hoon better!

Profile of Jang Sung-hoon

  • Real Name: Jang Sung-hoon (장성훈)
  • Place and Date of Birth: Asian nation, (Date Unknown) 1992
  • Height: 186 cm
  • Waist: 30 inch
  • Shoe: 280 cm
  • Education: Joongang University
  • Official Sites: Instagram: jsunghoon


As reported from Koreaboo, Jang Sung-hoon was a student at Joongang University but he had a special title as a handsome tutor, among the scholars at his university. Jang Sung-hoon took a part-time job as a math tutor helping the scholars around his university, but ended up becoming famous because of his perfect looks.

jang sung hoon body

Jang Sung Hoon body

Jang Sung-hoon definitely has the right looks to become a model together with his height that reaches 186 cm and his great body shape.

jang sung hoon

Jang Sung-hoon is basically well-known for his stylish daily appearances which will be found on every post he has uploaded on his Instagram account. Besides that, he’s very fashionable because of the ‘boyfriend material’ type that would easily steal the girls’ hearts.

jang sung hoon

In 2015, Jang Sung-hoon found his path in modeling and joined Esteem models. He did many photo shoots with magazines and appeared on a fashion show as a model yet.


Here are a number of Jang Sung-hoon’s photoshoots within the magazines that have begun really well!

jang sung hoon magazine jang sung hoon


Jang Sung-hoon made an appearance in Seohyun’s music video titled “Don’t Say No.”

He was the model during this music video and marked his beginning were an addition to modeling, he had to act additionally.

Jang Sung-hoon was also the model in Stonehenge‘s ad campaign, which is one of the foremost famous jewelry brands in South Korea.

Jang Sung-hoon is additionally busy together with his modeling schedule. He attended many fashion shows as a model and also did a catwalk at a fashion event too.

This are the knowledge of Jang Sung-hoon, the model who was famous for being a school tutor in his university before modeling. Let’s hope for all the simplest in Jang Sung-hoon’s career in the future!

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