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People always think that a celeb or idol encompasses a dark side behind their good reputation. it’s been proven by many incidents of celebrities or idols who cause trouble and obtain arrested. But actress Kim Yeo-jin is much from those issues. She is widely called a talented and kind-hearted actress. She is active in various civic group activities and has been engaged in various rallies. For those of you who want to urge closer to actress Kim Yeo-jin, check it out below!

Full Profile of Actress Kim Yeo-jin

kim yeo jin

Full Name: Kim Yeo-jin

Birth Date: June 24, 1974

Age: 46 years old

Birth Place: Masan, South Gyeongsang Province, Asian country

Height : 164 cm

Agency: Momma Entertainment

Year Active: 1995 – now

Latest Education: Ewha Woman’s University, majoring German language and Literature

Who is Kim Yeo-jin’s Spouse?

Most actors and actresses ended up being in a relationship and marrying someone who is additionally within the industry. the identical thing happened to actress Kim Yeo-jin. But she didn’t marry an actor, instead, a producer or director named Kim Jin Min. Kim Jin Min has been widely known for his work. he’s the one who directed many famous dramas, including “Marriage Contract”, “The Liar and His Lover”, and “Lawless Lawyer”. He was also the Chief Producer of the drama “Hotel King”. Kim Jin Min is 2 years older than actress Kim Ye Jin, and they have maintained an awfully harmonious relationship even after 14 years of marriage.

Kim Yeo-jin and her husband welcomed their child after 7 years of marriage

Like a marriage, it’s quite common for actress Kim Yeo-jin and her husband PD Kim Jin Min to wish for a toddler. After waiting 7 years, Kim Yeo-jin finally got pregnant. it had been announced on MBC radio “Bae Chul Soo’s Music Camp”. “I’m finally having a baby at my maturity, I’m still within the beginning stages of my pregnancy and my body was in health problem, which was why I couldn’t tell anyone instantly. I feel now’s an honest time to let everyone know,” she said. “I rested reception during the recent public holiday weekend.”

Kim Yeo-jin’s influence on social issues

Not only is she a talented actress, but Kim Yeo-jin is also widely known for her bravery in speaking up about controversial social and political issues. She spoke up about the reinstating of laid-off shipbuilders at Hanjin Heavy Industry. Not only that, but she also opposed the Four Major Rivers Project and called to lower university tuition fees. Her bravery and protests are often expressed on her Twitter account. Actress Kim Yeo-jin was also once banned by MBC. But her outspoken nature led her to become one of every of the foremost popular social trainers.

Complete List of Actress Kim Yeo-jin’s Dramas

No. Drama Title Year Network
1. “The More I Love You” 2000 MBC
2. “Secretary” 2000 KBS2
3. “Fox and Cotton Candy” 2001 MBC
4. “That Woman Catches People” 2002 SBS
5. “I Love You, Hyun Jung” 2002 MBC
6. “Forever Love” 2003 MBC
7. “Good Person” 2003 MBC
8. “Dae Jang Geum” 2003 MBC
9. “A Second Proposal” 2004 KBS2
10. “Land” 2004 SBS
11. “Smile of a Spring Day” 2005 MBC
12. “I Love You, My Enemy” 2005 SBS
13. “Shin Don” 2005 MBC
14. “Blue Fish” 2007 SBS
15. “Several Questions That Make Us Happy” 2007 KBS2
16. “Yi San” 2007 MBC
17. “Worlds Within” 2008 KBS2
18. “Amnok RiverFlows” 2008 SBS
19. “Road No. 1” 2010 MBC
20. Drama Special “Red Candy” 2010 KBS2
21. “Can You Hear My Heart” 2011 MBC
22. “Angel Eyes” 2014 SBS
23. “Trot Lovers” 2014 KBS2
24. “Tears of Heaven” 2014 MBN
25. “Pride and Prejudice” 2014 MBC
26. “Splendid Politics” 2015 MBC
27. “Cheer Up!” 2015 KBS2
28. “Love in the Moonlight” 2016 KBS2
29. “Witch at Court” 2017 KBS2
30. “Terius Behind Me” 2018 MBC
31. “Where Stars Land” 2018 SBS
32. “My Strange Hero” 2018 SBS
33. “Children of Nobody” 2018 MBC
34. “Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung” 2019 MBC
35. “Itaewon Class” 2020 JTBC
36. “Meow, the Secret Boy” 2020 KBS2
37. “Extracurricular” 2020 Netflix
38. “Vincenzo” 2021 tvN

Complete List of Actress Kim Yeo-jin’s Movies

No. Movie Title Year
1. “Girls’ Night Out” 1998
2. “Illusion” 1998
3. “Peppermint Candy” 2000
4. “Chi Hwa Seon” 2002
5. “A Perfect Match” 2002
6. “The Uninvited” 2003
7. “A Good Lawyer’s Wife” 2003
8. “My New Partner” 2008
9. “Closer to Heaven” 2009
10. “Wedding Dress” 2010
11. “Vegetarian” 2010
12. “Looking for My Wife” 2010
13. “Children…” 2011
14. “Miracle” 2011
15. “Jinsuk & Me” 2012
16. “The Big Picture” 2013
17. “Last Child” 2018
18. “Heaven: To the Land of Happiness” 2020

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